Silent Treatment Won’t Cure Your Relationship

Silent Treatment Won’t Cure Your Relationship

Unfortunately, it happens that from time to time our relationship with a life partner leaves much to be desired and we can’t find any better way to improve it than to carry out the “silent treatment” ignoring our significant other.

Being the ignored part really hurts, especially if you think you haven’t done anything wrong. Moreover, it won’t make your relationship healthier. Thus, the only effective way to solve your problems is to talk to your lover and honestly discuss everything that bothers you. So, what to do if your honey ignores you and doesn’t want to talk?

1. First of all warn your partner that keeping silence he/she won’t improve anything

Make clear that this behavior is unacceptable. Let him/her now that you want to talk about the problem and are open for any kind of negotiation.

2. Remember about your self-esteem

Don’t chase your partner begging him/her to stop the silent treatment. Otherwise your significant other may think that his/her method of treatment is really effective and will use it in future any time you face a new problem.

3. Don’t let the silence last too long

Demonstrate your partner that you are not going to put up with such a treatment and that his/her ignorance will definitely ruin your relationship.

4. Never use the silent treatment on other people

Believe that ignoring others you only deteriorate the situation and make it even more difficult to solve the problems occurred. Of course, the problem discussion doesn’t mean an automatic problem solution, but anyway this is at least the first and very important step on the way to success.

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5 thoughts on “Silent Treatment Won’t Cure Your Relationship”

  • I had to be an ignored side once I knew that I hadn’t done to be ignored for sure, so I just got involved in that silent game competing with my bf… you know what? he was first to admit his mistake!

  • But sometimes, there is just no other way out. If someone hurts you and you can’t overcome the pain and start talking, sometimes the only thing that cures is time but not the talk

  • I just hate when someone stops talking to me, especially if this is my beloved, or my relatives – I think that any problem has its solution and this is not keeping silence for sure…

  • In some cases it works in some – not, but I wouldn’t claim that silent treatment is always pointless, it always depends on the situation you know..

  • and I believe that there is really nothing better than the honest conversation with the other party, especially if the other side doesn’t understand what the broblem is

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