Senior Dress Code for a Date

Senior Dress Code for a Date

Some people like dating. But for many seniors it’s very stressful procedure, because nothing is worse than going out on a date and being worried about what you wear. Instead of being comfortable on the date baby boomers are squirming about what they have worn. It could be the wrong color, wrong design and or fashion. But you don’t have to subscribe to these dress standards. Fashion is a form of self express. If you want to meet singles over 40, you are free to wear what you want. Here are some essential tips for those who want to feel free on the first date.

  • Wear what makes you comfortable and feel good. It might be a pair of your favorite jeans, or a shirt that makes you look awesome, or just a pair of shoes you associate with something good.
  • Dress well based on the occasion and it’ll give you a sense of confidence. Painful high heels for a picnic walk or sexy jeans in the theatre will make you look stupid. So base the formality of your attire on where you’ll be going.
  • Flatter your best features. Knowing you’re dressed in a way that puts your best look forward will help you feel confident on your date. You choose you know what you look good on you. You know the correct size, fashions and color schemes that enhance your appearance.
  • Remember that senior dating fashion is wide open. And you don’t want to have to think about what you’re wearing — but when you happen to, you should feel good.
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4 thoughts on “Senior Dress Code for a Date”

  • exactly! just put on what you’re cofbortable in and do not go too far with sexualiy 🙂 cause it’s somehow wierd to let your body show off 🙂 you’re not that stupid chick, you’re a Woman!

  • hahah, the same happenned to me once or two! awful. imagine that the senoir may have some pains when just walking1 i think that they are not that stupid to put on heels at all! 🙂

  • i think that low-necked dresses and miniskirts won’t do 🙁 you’ll reveal your flabby skin…. this may scary a newely boyfriend away!

  • anything will do. but as far as footwar is concerned, it’s better to know where you are goin! i remember once a iput high hels cuz we were going to a restaurant! but after that my mate wanted to make a long promenade! that was a torture 🙁

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