Romantic Winter Date Ideas You Should Try This Year

Romantic Winter Date Ideas You Should Try This Year

Winter has come! And it’s time to think about some good winter ideas you should try this year.

When the weather is getting colder, all you want to do is to stay home and watch your favorite Christmas movies. It’s a great way to spend your winter evenings, however, when it comes to perfect date ideas, you should be more creative and think of something and fun.

Wintertime is unique for some special activities you can do with your partner. It’s the best time for going skiing, or ice-skating, or playing snowballs… Also, December is exactly the time when you can plan your holidays together, go on holiday shopping or decorate your house. And if you are still not fond of going out, there is nothing more romantic than cooking mulled wine or chocolate and cuddle under the warm blanket or simply play board games.

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So, as you see, winter date ideas are the best! Here are the most delightful ones:

Have a winter photoshoot

Plan a couple winter photoshoot with a professional photographer. You choose the shooting location: nature, if the weather is fine, or maybe a studio. You can have a thematic winter photoshoot using some decor elements to get “warm and cozy” pictures in the result. If your partner does not like to be photographed or you have no money for a photographer, then let one of you replace him. Posing in front of your loved one, you will feel more confident and relaxed.

Have a snowball fight

If there are some unresolved issues between you, this kind of therapy will help to sort them out. Make this “fight” a fun competition by splashing out all your negative emotions. Make sure everyone stays alive though.

Evening by the fireplace

If you have a fireplace, you are lucky. Otherwise, envy its owners and choose an unusual country hotel or a cozy house to spend the weekend stretching out on a soft carpet and listening to the sounds of crackling firewood. This will be an unforgettable experience, combined with beautiful scenery, relaxing music, and delicious food.

Spa treatment

Experts can choose a spa session for both of you that will help you relax as much as possible on a frosty day. You will leave the place being absolutely happy and refreshed.

Volunteer together

Along with charity events, you can organize a volunteer day together. Work at the animal shelter, read books to the children at the orphanage, or do something at the city ’s shelter … choose something that interests both of you.


Don’t hesitate to try the ideas above! Choose the winter date idea that you like the most and surprise your partner with a nice romantic evening. Or if you want to have some fun and a little bit of adventure, use our Advent calendar and have a unique date for each day of the month!


winter date ideas                    Credit to Glaminati


It’s okay if not all of these ideas are good for you and your partner. But who said that you can’t use some other good date ideas in winter? 😉 Anyway, having these romantic winter date ideas in mind, you will never fail with creating a perfect date for your partner. And if you still don’t have one… Register on  Meetville site right now and go on a date with local singles!

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