10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cat Lady

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cat Lady

There is a big stigma around cat ladies. Somehow, it’s a popular opinion that women adopt cats when they are not successful in their relationship. 

Well, we are here to tell you that it’s totally wrong! In fact, cat ladies only proof that cat owners are the most loving and passionate than other women.

Today we celebrate International Cat Day with the best shots of BriAnne Will’s (talented photographer based in Brooklyn) project. Just take a look at these ladies and dare to say that you wouldn’t them 😉

Maggie Freleng, Bandit & Daisy


‘Cat ladies’ have big hearts. Most of them got their cats by rescuing them from difficult living situations. And they really love them with all their hearts.

Heather and 3-legged Finn


If you are looking for someone for a long-term relationship, ‘cat lady’ is the best you can dream of. They already had their big commitment by adopting a cat, so they won’t be afraid of a new one.

Dinah Eke & Wolfie


You can easily make a ‘cat lady’ happy because they’ve already learned how to appreciate simple things in life.

Alexandra King, Lois & Maxine


These girls know how to laugh for sure. Their pets are hilarious (have you ever watched cat videos online?) and that’s why they love to laugh.

Athena Wisotsky & Frikki


If you are looking for a responsible girl, it’s definitely about a ‘cat lady’. They need to take their cats to the vet and clean after them regularly, so they are not afraid of responsibilities anymore.

Alvina Bokhari & October


Not everyone likes to share but these girls are. They already got used to sharing everything with their cats: snacks, bed, free time… So sit down, have a snack, and feel yourself at home.

Paulina Virgen & Schiap


They are great listeners. They always talk to their cats and even if they don’t really understand what they are responding, the ‘cat ladies’ listen anyway. You will never feel like she is not paying attention to you.

Ashley Meyers & Oliver


As proud cat owners, they know that sometimes your cat wants love and sometimes they just need space. ‘Cat ladies’ like no one else know that the key to a happy life is in balance.

Chelsea Trout & Mushu


Since having a cat really helps to battle depression and provides emotional and social support, ‘cat ladies’ are usually the happiest people in the world.

Giuliana and Yoncé


After all, even ‘cat ladies’ have difficulties with their pets. Cats can wake you up at night, puke all over the floors or bring you a dead “present”. So, even if your relationship hits a rocky point, don’t be afraid that she will just give up and run away.

Celebrate this International Cat Day with your kitty. Or if you don’t have a cat… maybe it’s time to get one? 😉

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