Places that Turn Flirt into a Disaster

Places that Turn Flirt into a Disaster

If you think that there are no wrong places to hit on a man/woman of your dreams, you are wrong. Today’s infographic covers the worst possible places to hit on someone.

Places that Turn Flirt into a Disaster Infographic dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

Have you ever been flirting in some really awkward places? As David Moye, an article writer, points: “If you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s important to know where you can meet other people who are similarly single and ready to mingle.” Indeed, sometimes it is the wrong place that deteriorates a possible date.

Some places are definitely better to avoid: emergency room, job interview, funeral, gym and plane. The Guyliner, a popular columnist and online dating survivor, admits: “I never dress sexily for the gym – I have never seen the point. Either I have been partnered during my stack of memberships or, more usually, I have had no interest in romance among the kettle bells. In the dank, municipal hellholes where I like to work out, I have somehow known instinctively that Mr Right was not lurking by the lockers.”

Alison Green, a famous blogger, explains why a job interview is not the best place to hit on somebody, Alison says: “I’m not saying that it’s impossible for people who meet in this type of situation to ever develop a mutual romantic or physical relationship; of course it’s possible. But if you’re hitting on someone in this context, you need to be damn sure that they’ve already signaled it would be welcome.”

The places that are taboo for some people can be perfect for others. For example, an airplane. Erica Ho, a traveler and blogger, states: “Sometimes you end up sitting next to someone who’s not only age appropriate and single but attractive. The situation being what it is, the captivity of the plane can either be the best or worst place to make your move. Not surprisingly, I am usually on the other end of the spectrum, falling into the category of the fairer sex. All I can tell you is that it can end up being horribly awkward or pretty great, based on how you mitigate the circumstances.”

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, sums up: “There are situations that make us put aside feelings and remember about social etiquette. Whatever you do make sure about what you are getting yourself into before you start hitting on people, some inappropriate places can turn flirt with a potential mate into a disaster.”

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