Online Dating Pitfalls: Stay Cautious

Online Dating Pitfalls: Stay Cautious

Online dating has become a really effective tool aimed at coupling people. But unfortunately no one can guarantee that browsing through numerous profiles you won’t become a victim of a dating swindler. According to the statistics, one third of users seeking for a date are married. By the way, married men are more likely to create accounts on dating websites.

So a lot of women all over the world ask one and the same question – what they should do to protect themselves. And of course one more important thing is to learn how to spot scams.

Here are some signs which can help women to detect a dating scammer and to prevent them from being cheated online:

  • He places an abstract picture, a picture of a movie star or a singer instead of his own photo. He also may post a bad quality picture. All these tricks make it difficult to pick him out of a crowd.
  • He asks for your phone number but doesn’t give you his one.
  • His phone calls frequency is changeable or vice versa he always calls you according to a fixed timetable.
  • Even if you’ve become an owner of his mobile phone number you are allowed only to leave text messages.
  • He refuses to share his full name with you.
  • His answers about his job or place of living are vague and not informative. He gives you only basic information about himself.
  • He ignores your requeststo put you in touch with his friends or colleagues.

Thus, before going to the first meeting with a new partner, make sure he doesn’t conceal anything. Be wise and listen to your got feeling. This can really help you avoid falling into a trap of a dating swindler.

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4 thoughts on “Online Dating Pitfalls: Stay Cautious”

  • Normally scammers don’t meet you – they say they want to meet you then right before you are supposed to meet they claim they got into an accident or some other emergency and need to borrow money from you for some reason. That’s how the scams work

  • They will have a sob story either divorced from a viscious spouse who took their child away or wife and children, killed in a car accident, orphaned etc..

  • They will tell you they are contractors, engineers etc. for big companies who travel around the world and are currently working on a job site in Nigeria etc. that way they can easily have you send the money western union and will always have you send it in a “friends” name, which is really their own.

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