Online Dating for Modest People

Online Dating for Modest People

Online dating, that frustrating source of potential love, can be especially difficult for people who are shy, introverted or modest. It’s a big loud world out there and it can be hard to be noticed if you are quiet and unassuming. It probably seems like the aggressive, flashy people are those who get noticed – that’s because they do!

But, never fear, you can still find true love online even if you are a quiet, modest person.  Just follow these simple rules and you will be well on your way to the love life of your dreams.

1. Make Your Profile Do the Work For You
Your profile is your first impression; make it a lasting one. Use words to describe yourself that you would normally be too embarrassed to say. For example, “I want to live a quiet simple life” or “I’m looking for someone to settle down with and have children” are not likely to draw many people in. Even if these things are true, you must have some qualities that can be spiced up a bit.Use the thesaurus or have a friend read over your profile. Often our loved ones have a better view of our great and interesting qualities than we do, and they can help us express them.

2. Passive Just Won’t Work
Just like in the real world you need to get out there to get noticed.  In the online world this may even be more important. Waiting for a potential date to contact you will not work. The man or woman you are seeking is probably a busy person, with a lot of other pursuers who don’t have a problem sending a simple email, just to say “Hi”. You’ve got to do the same thing. This is especially true for you shy ladies out there.  The old rules about waiting for the man to approach you don’t apply in the on-line world.

3. Be Who You Really are from the Start
Even though you are going to use some exciting words to describe yourself and are going to go out of your comfort zone and “make the first move” that doesn’t mean you should hide who you really are, especially something as important as your true nature. There is nothing wrong with being a quiet or modest person. But it’s important that your date knows that is how you are so there are no misunderstandings. This is especially true when you finally meet in person. If you have a rule that you don’t kiss on the first date then let that be known. Similarly, if you’ve had a really good time, don’t be too shy to say so.

4. A little Compromise Can Go a Long Way
We all have a picture in our mind of the perfect date, the perfect husband or wife, the perfect life. Unfortunately real life often requires a little thing called compromise. This compromise may be about little things or big things, but it will be necessary if you are going to have a real relationship. If you’ve found the right one it will probably be easy to compromise on little issues. For shy people this can sometimes be difficult when it comes to physical affection. Just remember, when you’ve gone to all the trouble of finding a good match, it’d be a real shame if a little thing like holding hands in public were the thing that ruined it.


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