Online Dating and Distance

Online Dating and Distance

If you’ve decided to plunge into the world of online dating keep in mind that you’ll have to face a certain amount of impediments to overcome. One of the things that may prevent you from meeting the love of your life is the distance.There are two ways to solve the problem. The first one is to try maintaining long term relationships with your partner (or LDR, as they are called in cyberspace). But this type of relationships requires a lot of patience indeed. The other one – is to find the way to meet with your one and only offline.

Of course, if you both live in one country – there are no problems for you. But what if you are to cross the ocean in order to kiss your honey? If you both feel that your offline meeting is worth your efforts to be applied, then it’s high time to act.

First of all discuss with your partner how much you can budget for any travel expenses.
Financial issue is not a very pleasant topic to discuss when your heart is filled with love and romance. But anyway this is one of the most important questions coupled with your future travelling.

In case the money issue is not a problem for you it’s high time to find out all the necessary info about visa and the terms of its process. Be prepared to wait a little as it can take you about a couple of weeks to gather all the documents you need to cross the border.

But even in case you meet, unfortunately your honeymoon (day, week) won’t last long. And now ask yourself whether you are really able to maintain healthy relationships consisting of phone calls, online communication and occasional meetings in person.

If your feelings are really strong enough to make one of you leave your home country and start living together- that will be great. Don’t allow the distance to destroy your would be happiness.

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5 thoughts on “Online Dating and Distance”

  • Where to look for relationships depends on what you want out of a relationship. Thanks to the internet you can look the world over. Relationships sometimes come when you least expect them. You may end up in a relationship you only dreamed about and when you did not expect it. The key is to “search”. If you don’t look you will not receive. Look into places like chat lines, dating sites, relationship sites, matchmaking sites. You may find places people are looking for love you did not expect. Everyone wants love in their life. What you may not know is “millions of people want to meet you”. They want to talk to you thru emails, chat lines, dating sites, and in person.

  • Before you decide to jump headfirst into long-distance relationships, you should first agree on an end goal with your partner — a specific time, be it six months or a year, when the separation is going to end. You can reunite, she can move home, you can follow or you can call it quits

  • I been in two long distance relationship. One of them I dated them then he went to bootcamp and got deployed. My last relationship I knew him since high school but he was already stationed at a army base so we decided to start dating. Saw him twice over the entire year we were together. And it just happen. Neither relationship worked out because to be honest, I like to do the whole wine and dine thing. It takes a pretty tough person that is mature emotionally and mentally to get through long distance relationship. It didn’t work for me but good luck!

  • Never say never! Love always finds a way. And you never knoe when and where it’ll come. If you truly love someone you’ll easily overcome such difficulties like time and distance. Been there, done that.

  • If she’s willing to move to where you are, I think she’ll be somewhat ready to face what’s in store for her. I think just give her time to adjust and some space and maybe a new job

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