No Job? No Women!

No Job? No Women!

It’s not a secret that losing a job is a great stress. It hits not only your career prospects but makes you less attractive for women. One of the recent researches shows that the overwhelming majority of women is unlikely to date with an unemployed man. At the same time the percentage of men who wouldn’t date a jobless lady is much lower.

Women claim that their preferences are not based on financial aspects only. Female respondents affirm that they are attracted to men who have clear life goals and are engaged in a beneficial work activity.

Thus, if you are still single and have no job, you chances to be popular among women are not very high. However, at least now you know what steps to take in order to shine and attract the woman of your dream. Thus, stop nagging and rush to look for a job right now! While according to Marilyn Monroe gentlemen prefer blonds, ladies pay their attention on successful men who know what they want.

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5 thoughts on “No Job? No Women!”

  • oh, actually I didn’t expect to hear anything other… you, women, are all money oriented these days, and financial stability means for you more than anything else in this world! Moreoevr you think this is ok when your man works from early morning till late at night and you just do nothing at home!

  • I think that it’s ok when a woman wants to feel protected by her bf or husband, and I have nothing aganist if my future wife wil be a housewife…

  • I don’t know who you’ve been dating all your life, but today I should say that NOT all girls are like you describe them! I’ve been working since I’ve finished school and so have my female friends while their boyfriends just have been living like party anymals and you say that we are all material oriented?!

  • I think that love is great, but love without accomodation a good car and a credit card sucks, but it doesn’t matter who will bring it to the family:)

  • I wouldn’t definitely date I guy if I learned he was uneployed, though there are can be different situations when it is not his fault…

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