10 New Ideas for Couples to Try in Bed

10 New Ideas for Couples to Try in Bed

Whether you are a long-term couple or just started dating, it would never hurt trying something new in bed. Any relationship can become predictable at some point, so there is a good way to spice up your love life.

So if you are the one who’s trying to make your  more exciting, here are some ideas for couples to try in bed.

Try our your seduction skills

Don’t make it too quick. Seduce your partner and make them crave for more.

Play music

It’s quite unusual for some couples but it may actually bring much more flavor to your relationship. Find or make your own sex playlist. But if you don’t know where to start, try slow, striptease music first.

Use your power

If you are both into this, you can try domination in bed. It shouldn’t be 100% BDSM but at least you can try some light technics.

Play with food

Whipped Cream and strawberries are classics. But you can always experiment and play with other foods on your partner’s body.

Be a bit selfish

Don’t be afraid of saying what do you actually want. Your partner will be glad to fulfill your wished and you’ll feel much more satisfied.

Pay attention to senses

Focusing on your senses can be highly erotic. Be in the moment. Feel your partner smell, their warmth, listen to their breath. Dissolve in the process and emotions.

Massage each other

Massaging your partner’s body is something that you should definitely try once in bed. Use flavored or scented massage oils. The exotic fragrance of the oil will blow your lover’s mind. You never know, you both indulge in some great sex afterwards.

Indulge in Foreplay

A good foreplay is all you need to turn on your partner or to get back the excitement and romance in your sex life. So stop jumping straight to sex and tease your partner a little, talk naughty, and move on to give your partner a good oral sex.

Act a little Kinky

Try out something wild and raunchy that you both enjoy. Sweet, super-loving and tender lovemaking is fine, but sometimes trying out a little dirty sex with your partner can also do wonders.

Make some serious Love

It is always important to make your partner feel loved. So make some love seriously, by making small sweet gestures like kissing their necks, playing gently with hair, or enjoying some cuddling.

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Using some of these new ideas will definitely spice up your sex life and bring more colors to your relationship.

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