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We Have Launched Our New Service Pulse for iPhone

“Dear friends, We are proud to announce that we've finally launched the full version of”
By Alexander Sergeev February 9, 2015
We Have Launched Our New Service Pulse for iPhone dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

We Have Launched Our New Service Pulse for iPhone

“Dear friends, We are proud to announce that we've finally launched the full version of”
By Alexander Sergeev February 9, 2015

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that we've finally launched the full version of our Pulse service, which is an important part of Meetville app for iOS.

As all our devoted users know, we had launched the Pulse version for iPad users in April 2014 and tested it with the help of our users in beta. After making a significant number of improvements and changes and fixing many bugs that were noticed by our devoted users, we've launched the full version of Meetville iOS with Pulse, which is now available both on the iPad, as well as the iPhone-devices.

What is service Pulse for Meetville app?

As you know, Meetville means dating the right people, the best place to meet new people having similar values ​​and common interests.

Today we are the world’s only dating site that allows you to choose your better half, who is not just a beautiful person, but who also meets all your requirements. We select the psychologically compatible partner for you, someone who has similar interests, life goals and priorities. In short, we select a compatible person for you, the right person!

How do we do it? What allows us to make a decision regarding your better half properly when we find a prospective soul mate for you?

To do this, we have two sections, two services; QA - Questions and Answers, and Pulse. In each of them you can answer different questions on various topics (relationships, sex, society, culture, entertainment, family, marriage, money, job, children, and hobbies etc.). This is how you can show your life’s priorities and reveal your true self. Other users also answer such questions and may put forward their questions to other users. We collect and analyze information and, based on that, display compatibility quotient between users.

As you know very well, just showing beautiful photographs and physical characteristics of a user is not enough, it is also important to know about their interests, life goals, priorities, how will he/she react in a particular situation, how strong their contradictions are and so on.

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What are the pros of such approach and why is it better than any other usual dating?

• you see real people, not only some lifeless pictures • you know exactly what to expect and what not to expect from other persons • you no longer have to deal with fake profiles - as only real people can answer such in-depth questions • you do not have to waste your time going through dozens of empty meetings in order to know a person better and/or his life views and your compatibility with him/her

What service Pulse is and how it differs from existing service Q&A.

Q&A allows you to quickly answer hundreds of questions and get a picture/profile of people who are compatible with you.

Service Pulse consists of the same questions, but they are connected with every day events and important issues that are discussed in our society. Here, users can not only answer questions, but can also read informative material on this subject which is chosen by our editors, discuss it with other users, and find out detailed views on these events.

In fact, Pulse is a newswire of various topics and issues that are important for people today and people's comments and responses to them. It is an online platform where people can openly discuss their lives.

You can find a lot of interesting topics to read and discuss in Pulse.

• Would you date a co-worker? • Can couples stay in different bedrooms and still remain close? • Would you like your marriage to be an arranged marriage? • If your partner cheated on you, would you cheat too? • Is it wrong to end relationship over abortion? • Do you see divorced people as damaged goods? • Do women need family more than men? • Is it morally acceptable for you to date two people at once? • Are younger women attracted to older men?

What is good about it?

• dating is no longer just a dull browsing of users’ photographs and short profiles • dating has become a full fledged service, where you really know the people, their opinion on important events and issues and can openly discuss these with them • if you have access to a person’s interests, attitudes, life’s values ​​and opinions on certain issues, you can easily communicate with that person, knowing full well what unites and what differs you.

In other words, dating situation has gone from "Saw a photo - sent a message to a stranger - ran into a fool or a nasty person" - into the situation, “Saw a compatible person - learned his/her views and interests - realized that this is the right person, my better half - wrote a message and arranged a meeting.”

Not only this, even if that person doesn’t become your partner, he/she can become your friend/buddy, as you have the same views and interests.

Do not waste your time, download Pulse app now and find the right person you're compatible with, your most suitable better half.

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