Meetville Maximizes Dating Experience with New App Improvements

Meetville Maximizes Dating Experience with New App Improvements

Meetville app, that is well known for connecting twin souls all over the world, never stops surprising its dedicated users with novelties that bring dating to a new level and make it as fun, fast and easy as possible.

We take into consideration our users’ needs, and carefully design updates to help each and every person to get the most of a single app touch.

This time we’re delighted to introduce four new improvements to our  iPhone/iPad app that are sure to maximize your dating experience.

  •  Updated photo uploading

We made photo uploading easy and convenient, so now it takes seconds to add images to your profile. There are no limits – upload numerous photos and get attention you deserve!


  •  Message status

Forget about undelivered messages and long hours waiting for a response! With our message statuses – send and read – you will always keep updated on how chatting with your match is going on.

message status

  • App size

You don’t need a lot of space to fit our app into your iOS device. Save your personal data and enjoy non-stop dating with Meetville at the same time!

  • Optimized push notifications

No more annoying notifications – our optimized service will make sure you get only the most important notifications, avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Can’t wait to experience our new improvements? Download Meetville app right now to transform your dating life and attract love you’ve always desired!

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