Meetville Invites Couples to Share Precious Photo Moments

Meetville Invites Couples to Share Precious Photo Moments

If you are in love and can’t wait to share your happiness with the rest of the world, here is a perfect chance to honor your relationship and make a delightful surprise for your sweetheart.

Meetville starts a new Facebook campaign inviting happy couples to share their precious photo moments. We believe that every single love story is special, and we look forward to receiving yours!


There are 3 simple steps you should follow to get your couple photo featured on Meetville Facebook page:

  1. Take an original photo in a horizontal format;
  2. Make sure it doesn’t violate Facebook guidelines, i.e. does not contain sex or violence;
  3. Submit your photo via Facebook messages.

We guarantee that due attention will be given to every love story, and lucky couples will be notified if their photos are chosen to be featured on Meetville page.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook community and use hashtags #CuteCouples #Meetville for your daily dose of inspiring love photos!


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