Meetville Couples: The Story of Sofia and Will

Meetville Couples: The Story of Sofia and Will

We are happy to continue telling you the stories of our users who have found their love on Meetville. If you also want to tell your love story to the world and become one of Meetville’s happy couples, please send us your story and a photo to get featured.

This week we received one more letter from a couple who have met on the Meetville app. Sofia and Will’s love story is simple yet amazing.


A letter from Will:

People may say that love at first sight is a cliché from romantic movies. Well, I also used to think so until I met Sofia.

I noticed her immediately when I was swiping my daily matches on Meetville. I tried my luck and she replied to me right away! We’ve met in person just a week after we started chatting and I couldn’t help falling in love with her.

At first, she didn’t feel the same about me and thought our relationship was nothing more than a friendship. But time passed and she realized that I’m more than just a friend for her. After all, she was the first to say    “I love you” 🙂

We have been together for 1 year and 3 months now and I keep falling in love with her every day. On her birthday, I’m going to ask her to become my wife and I’m pretty sure she will say yes!

I’m so glad that I found her and texted her that day. Thank you, Meetville, for helping us find our love!


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