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Early Marriage or Late Marriage: What Is the Best?

“The question that bothers both parents and their grown-up kids is whether it is best”
By Sandra Larson May 27, 2021

Early Marriage or Late Marriage: What Is the Best?

“The question that bothers both parents and their grown-up kids is whether it is best”
By Sandra Larson May 27, 2021

The question that bothers both parents and their grown-up kids is whether it is best to get married when you are young or when you are fully mature.

In fact, let us be honest – life is not black and white, and there is no exact answer to this question. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and in this article, we are going to discuss them in detail. Are you already interested? Then keep on reading!


Advantages of Early Marriage

It Is Easier to Decide

The problem you get when you are aging is the difficulty to take an important decision. Have you noticed that it is young people who do crazy things and take risks? Do you have any ideas why? Well, the reason is they do not need a lot of time to take big decisions – they simply do without thinking too much. The older people have their set of priorities and values. And it is more difficult for them to agree to do something that will take them out of their comfort zone. The same situation is with marriage – the older the person is, the more difficult it is for him/her to agree to accept the new person in his/her life. The person seeks for an excuse not to get married because basically nothing will change, and the marriage requires a lot of money. Young people, on the contrary, are eager to have a new experience, and it is easy for them to decide to get married.


Early Marriage Is Safer in Terms of Pregnancy

If the two people plan to have kids, then it is safer for them to get married at an early age. The woman’s opportunities are, unfortunately, not limitless, and the age when she can have a baby is 50 years old maximum. However, if you do not have as much money as Janet Jackson, then you should consider fathering a child at an earlier age. Plus, one has to understand that it rarely happens at once – some couples need months and sometimes even years to father a baby. It is a long process, and the older the woman gets, the more time she loses. Another thing to be concerned about is the upbringing. Do you really want to be a 50-year-old parent when your kid is only 10? It is important not to have a huge generation gap in communication with your child.

getting married

No Pressure to Have Kids at Once

The negative effects of late marriage are the necessity to have kids as soon as possible. Why? Well, the reason is the age – if the couple is already 35-years-old, there is no time left to wait. The two feel pressure from their parents, friends, and society. If you get married when you are young, there is no rush – you have the whole life in front of you. You can have the kids whenever you feel ready. The first years of marriage are the best ones, and you have a full right to enjoy them without being stressed about fathering and bearing a child. You can travel, have fun, and enjoy life when you are young – the older couples cannot really afford it. The wife’s body clock starts ticking, and the two have no other choice but to make a baby the soonest possible.


Advantages of Late Marriage

You Have Time to Discover Yourself

You need to understand that the majority of people change a lot during their teen years, the twenties, and thirties. Imagine you are getting married when you are 18-years-old, and you change considerably by the age of 30. Imagine the same processes would happen to your husband – how would your marriage end? You are right, it would end up with divorce. It is wiser to get married at the age of reason because you would have time to discover yourself – what you like and what you do not like. Give yourself a chance to grow and change, and only after that, allow yourself to choose the partner for the rest of your life. Plus, is it not fun to enjoy your life without any obligations in the best years of your life? Is it not amazing to change partners to understand what you really want from another person?


You Can Build Your Career First

While you are young and full of energy, what is the point of wasting these amazing years for family life? Build your own career! When else would you be able to do it? The best marriage solution for any person is to build a career in your twenties and get married and have kids in your thirties. The twenties are the most productive period of your life – use it and get your place in society. Building a career has to be not only a prerogative for your ambitions. It's also a thing to remember when building a family. You need to understand that uniting with another person for the cause of the family requires some money – you need the money for the wedding itself, a house to live in, for the baby. That is why earning money during your twenties instead of making a family makes sense.

You Are More Grateful

After having unsuccessful relationships finding the one is very important. In this case, you would be more grateful for him/her than if it were your first relationships. Being grateful is important because you would appreciate each moment together and you would be more patient if something goes wrong. Why? Because you already have a bad experience and because you have caught several bouquets at your friends’ weddings. Your personalities at a younger age are much more impulsive and can thus call for many conflicts. When the two of you are older, you are calmer, and you would enjoy each moment spent together.


Any age can be suitable for marriage if you are ready for it. What is more important is who are you marrying and are you happy by doing so.

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By Sandra Larson

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