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How to Get Married on the Internet

“Nowadays more and more people find their soul mates on the Internet which is not”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021
How to Get Married on the Internet dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

How to Get Married on the Internet

“Nowadays more and more people find their soul mates on the Internet which is not”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Nowadays more and more people find their soul mates on the Internet which is not surprising due to various prominent dating websites. But there often arises the question whether it is possible to get married on the Internet and whether it is legal.

FAQ on Online Marriage

How to Marry Online?

Technically it is possible to get married online and there are special chapels in chat rooms which you and your online partner can enter and let an online minister conduct your wedding. Moreover, you can also have a whole bunch of guests – also online users – which will be your witnesses and just happy observers. While being married you can either type your vows or use video applications. Certainly this option seems interesting for a future husband and wife who are far away from each other, but specialists claim that such weddings aren't legally binding.

Why Aren't Such Weddings Legal?

The first reason is that the Internet isn't a specific location, and if you reside in different countries, it won’t work when it’ll come to jurisdiction. According to the legal rules you both have to file a marriage license, and the Internet can’t provide you with such an opportunity due to the lack of a specific governing body.

Is There any Way?

There is such a definition as a marriage by proxy, which states for a situation when a husband- or a wife-to-be, or both can’t attend the ceremony. That gives a chance for an online wedding. Proxy marriages are recognized only in four US states: Montana, Texas, Colorado and California. If the parties cannot attend their wedding, the third party usually stands in front of a body conducting the wedding, be it a minister or a judge.

What Are the Laws Concerning Proxy Marriages in These States?

Montana. It is the only American state that allows both bride and groom to have proxies during the ceremony. But one of the individuals has to be serving in the Armed Forces and that’s would be the head reason of having an online wedding.

Texas. If you want to get married online, you don’t have to reside in Texas, the state known for its loyal attitude to online marriages. The only thing you need is to get the form for proxy marriages that can be provided by the county clerk office.

Colorado. Here the laws are somewhat tougher. First, you need to get an absentee application and have it notarized. Colorado residency is not needed, but to get the documents both bride and groom have to provide valid photo identifications.

California. In this state one of the parties has to be a member of the Armed Forces deployed in conflicts to far-away countries. That’s the only possible way to get married in California. However, here residency is not important too.

Should I Have an Online Wedding?

Well, one of the reasons why people may choose such weddings is their separation by distance. But if you are among those who met their partners online, fell in love and want to get married right away without actually meeting in person, it might not be the best idea.

Now you know how to get married online and what legal rules there are. But before deciding to conduct an Internet marriage, think twice whether it’s worth all the effort, or perhaps it’s better to have a traditional wedding ceremony with guests, flowers and a huge wedding cake.

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