Love Will Always Find a Way!

Love Will Always Find a Way!

If your negative relationship experience doesn’t allow you to move on and start dating again, if you are afraid to fall in love one more time, you should know that you are not alone.

The older we grow the more powerful the fear of love and romance becomes. Being hurt once, we don’t want to endure this emotional and even physical pain again. Our sad memories prevent us from enjoining all the pleasant things that committed relationships can give us.

Justifying our behavior we persuade ourselves that we are much happier living alone in our safe imagined world. Keep in mind that this is the way agoraphobia starts In the reality you are not keeping everything under control. So, may be it’s time to leave your comfort zone?

Trying to replace the human love and warmth some people get pets, start living active social life visiting exhibitions, museums and night clubs. Sometimes they are getting stuck on the Internet in numerous chat rooms and forums just not feel lonely.

If reading these lines you realize that this is about you, you should start working at your life and at yourself right now. If you are afraid of commitment you may just start dating.

Remember that seeing other people is a necessity, and dating is not about marriage proposal, it’s about healthy communication and having fun getting to know each other better. Thus, there is no need to deprive yourself of love and romance.

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5 thoughts on “Love Will Always Find a Way!”

  • hmmm, you just need to realize that all people are different and that if someone hurt you, others are not going to do the same!

  • I realize that I don’t want to live alone for the rest of my life, but can’t do nothing. Ech time I start feeling like falling in love with someone I stop communication. Maybe this is a real agoraphobia? Maybe I should consult a psychiatrist?

  • but what if this period lasts too long? What if the life just passes by and you see you best friends getting married and havong children and you are alone all this time?

  • after a year of living alone I’ve already started to leave my comfort zone go to dates. Actually nothing serious as I’m still not ready for long term relationships

  • you know, you don’t need to do anything with it, moreover, you can’t do anything with it. when the right time comes you’ll just feel it. don’t force yourself to do anything if you are not ready at the moment.

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