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Best Date Ideas in London for Any Budgets

“London is one of the most romantic cities in the world. People come here to”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Best Date Ideas in London for Any Budgets

“London is one of the most romantic cities in the world. People come here to”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

London is one of the most romantic cities in the world. People come here to propose, have a wedding, or spend their honeymoon. You can enjoy ancient architecture, have picnics in parks, go shopping, learn new things together in numerous museums, and fall in love with the city and each other. Moreover, only here you can kiss in the rain so often! The capital is a city of love at any time of the year, day or night. Have a date in one of London's best romantic spots and let your love story start in one of them.

  • Holland Park

What could be more romantic than a date in London outdoors? Being the largest park in the Kensington and Chelsea area, you can hide from the crazy rhythm of central London for a couple of hours. Walk through the wild forest, sit down for a picnic with champagne and strawberries, or hot tea and chocolate. Listen to local peacocks in the Dutch Garden and watch the fish in the Kyoto Japanese Garden with its incredible waterfall. This park has an open-air theater during summer, so check their schedule, and don't forget to take the blankets.

  • St. Dunstan-in-the-East

This is one of the most mysterious places in London. Imagine the ruins of an ancient Gothic temple entwined with ivy, creating an oasis of peace and quiet. Here you will be left alone with yourself and with each other - whisper the most tender words, no one will hear them anyway, except for the ghosts of the past. If you are lucky, you can witness a wedding photoshoot or a wedding in the tower left after the temple's destruction in World War II.

  • South Bank

A perfect place for romantic walks and dates, kissing, and declarations of love. Various festivals take place here in summer and a Christmas market in winter. Street singers and artists perform all year round. Take a walk along the river, enjoy beautiful views of the Thames' opposite bank, or hide from the sudden summer rain in one of the museums or while watching a black and white film at the BFI cinema.

  • The Shard

The tallest skyscraper in London attracts visitors with magnificent views of the city, as well as gastronomic delights and unique cocktails. You can buy a ticket for £ 27 and climb the tallest observation deck in the UK capital to view the Shard's design features. Alternatively, go a few floors down and order a romantic dinner with a great view.

  • Richmond

Feels like Richmond is an independent city, although it is part of London. Its biggest attraction is a vast park (Richmond park) on a hill with an impressive view of London and St. Paul's Cathedral. Deer will delight you the most in the park. Rent a bike to go around it all and go down to the river. You can walk until you feel tired, and then have a picnic by the pond.

  • Kew Gardens

There is another romantic place not far from Richmond - Kew Gardens. You can hide from everyone here and spend the whole day together, walking through the vast territory of the park. It is impossible to get tired of the world's greatest collection of living plants, gathered in greenhouses and outdoors. And if you're not afraid of heights, be sure to take the treetop walkway.

  • Notting Hill

Some know this area from the movie with Julia Roberts, others - because of the Portobello market. Notting Hill should be on your list of the most romantic places in London. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with pastel mansions, winding crescent-shaped streets, and family cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood.

If you have the idea where to meet with your new acquaintance from the Meetville site, or can't figure out how to refresh your dates with your significant other, then our guide to the most romantic ideas will definitely help you. Good luck!

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