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7 Romantic First Date Ideas for Every Couple in San Francisco

“Creating date ideas is not easy. Especially if you still don't know your partner too”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

7 Romantic First Date Ideas for Every Couple in San Francisco

“Creating date ideas is not easy. Especially if you still don't know your partner too”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

Creating date ideas is not easy. Especially if you still don't know your partner too well. However, every city has a lot to discover and why not to use it as a perfect date idea?

Going on a date in San Francisco is pretty amazing, as you got a lot of nice places to visit and things to do. Though, if you are still not sure what to do on your first date and how to make it romantic and unforgettable at the same time, here we got 7 the most romantic first date ideas for every couple in San Francisco.

 Have fun at virtual golf 

virtual golf San Fransisco date ideas

While the weather is getting cold but you keep missing summer, take your loved one to a summer activity date: have some fun playing virtual golf. Eagle Club Indoor Golf is the coolest place to spend a date at. No matter if it's your fiance or a girl/guy you just met online. You are going to have fun anyway.
What is more, you can have a drink inside or visit one of your favourite happy-hour bars (it's located on Second and Howard where you can find plenty of them).

Get high at House of Air

house of air trampoline park San Fransisco date ideas

There is nothing better to break the ice on a first date than having fun like kids. Visit House of Air - a massive trampoline park in a historic airplane hangar. It's also cool if you have already dated for a while. It will definitely help you to get to know your partner from another side. 

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Have a sweet date

muffins heart sweet date San Fransisco date ideas

There is nothing sweeter on a date then visiting a cute cafe with local hand-made sweets. Charles Chocolates get really creative on the Valentine Day, serving truffles, caramels and small-batch candies. Though, you can also spoil your chocolate lover with a sweet date any other day, as the desserts in a cafe are always amazing!

Watch an amazing sunset together

Tank Hill sunset San Fransisco date ideas

You should know that the most beautiful sunsets and the prettiest scenery are in San Francisco. The best one is the Tank Hill, that offers an amazing view on downtown San Fransisco. It's not only the best place for a romantic picnic but also will help you to make panoramic and Instagram-worthy shots, if you want to make a couple photoshoot or just have a nice photo of you two.

Explore each other at Exploratorium

exploratorium date fun San Fransisco date ideas

First dates can be hard simply because you don't know each other well and it's hard to pick a place your match would enjoy. Though, there is a solution: if you have a date on Thursday night you should definitely visit Exploratorium. The museum is open late, so you can enjoy your date for as long as you want. What is more, these interactive exhibits are really fun and on Thursday night they serve drinks, so you can enjoy your evening twice more. 

Spend an afternoon at Spark Social

spark social food San Fransisco date ideas

If you want to mix your date with fun and good food, the best place for you would be Spark Social. The location is pretty amazing itself as you can enjoy your day sitting fire pits, swings, and a double-decker bus. The food is good as well. You can also reserve sits, just in case you really don't want to miss a chance to have your date here. 

Dance your tune at NoPa

swing night dance date San Fransisco date ideas

The best idea for dance lovers: every Thursday you and your partner are welcome to join a swing night. The evening starts with a short swing lesson for beginners and then continues for the whole night. There is no better ice-breaker than dancing, though this idea is perfect for not only the first date.


Enjoy your date in San Francisco and let us know in comments which date idea is your favourite!

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