Lesbian Dating Tips: How to Flirt with the Girl You Like

Lesbian Dating Tips: How to Flirt with the Girl You Like

It’s a known fact that women understand each other very well, so even men can learn a lot from lesbians. However, you have to learn how to flirt with women if you want to master this skill.

Here are some useful techniques for flirting with a girl you like in Houston

Make the eye thing 

Start flirting and make the eye thing with a girl you like. Do not approach this girl abruptly. She can just blow you off if it happens unexpectedly. Make eye contact with the person you like. To do this, look at the girl several times. When she makes eye contact back, smile at her. A reciprocal smile will be a great sign that she’s ready to flirt more. Come up to her and just speak, otherwise, it can be too late. 

Be active 

You can evoke curiosity, interest, and attention from a woman with your energy. A person full of energy always fascinates others with inner strength. Women are usually drawn to such people. Don’t be passive, this is actually a guarantee of failure. There should be more drive and energy. 

Be positive 

Many lesbians consider this factor one of the main ones in successful flirting. Tune in to a positive wave. Be playful and fun to talk to. Smile and laugh more. Make this girl laugh, joke with her, and tease her. This will destroy all the barriers this girl has. 

Give her a nickname 

Lesbians often come up with cute and ridiculous nicknames for each other. You can create an unusual nickname for her right on the first date. Choose funny or cute words: brownie, smiley, darling, princess, silly goose, etc. 

Show that you value her 

We always need to offer something in return when having any kind of relationship with others. It can be your qualities, for example. What are you good at? Why are you exactly worthy of her heart and soul? Try to show her the best version of yourself. After she realizes that you are worth flirting with, it will be easier for you to conquer her. 

Share your inner world with the girl 

This is a number one priority – revealing your thoughts and listening to the thoughts of the girl you like. Tell a childhood story or a fun fact from your life. A girl’s vulnerability makes her more real, sensual, and desirable. Show interest in the girl’s inner world and her feelings. Such behavior will finally bring the girl closer to you.


Make sure you use these secrets of flirting with lesbians and test them in practice. If you are still alone but want to find your soulmate, Meetville is a great place to meet local singles. Register today, go on a date tomorrow. Good luck for searching! 




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