Is There Such a Thing as Love at First Sight?

Is There Such a Thing as Love at First Sight?

You hear about it and you see it in every romantic comedy ever produced. That feeling of “love at first sight” that plays out well on screen is such a wonderful thing to think about. Is it really possible? Can you really meet somebody and just know that they are the one from you from that instant on? If you think that this is a silly concept, then it’s time to really look at it. Sure there’s a lot more work to develop that initial feeling, but there just might be something to it.

First of all in order to detect if love at first sight even exists you have to change your outlook and attitude. Sure we all want to dismiss this when we haven’t experienced it ourselves. It’s very easy to dismiss something when it hasn’t happened in our own life. That’s for other people, or it’s just a novel concept that doesn’t really happen in real life. Sound familiar? How can you ever be sure that this is just a silly concept if you haven’t approached it with an open mind or heart?

It Can Happen but It Requires the Right Attitude towards It All

It’s not to say that this happens for everyone, but it is possible. It tends to happen most to the people who are positive or that have an open mind to love in general. They may not necessarily be looking for love so to speak, but they may very well be open to the possibilities. As a matter of fact that tends to be when people are the happiest and when things work out the best — when they aren’t looking for love but feel positive and open to what may lie ahead.

When the love at first sight philosophy happens, it’s like a lightning bolt. It’s as if some other force has interjected and helped to open the eyes of the person affected. It’s that sight, but it’s more that feeling. That sensation of knowing that you are somehow linked to this person, and that you are meant to meet them and talk to them. You may not know what lies ahead, but you certainly know that you are supposed to talk to this person at this moment. The rest may be history!

Now consider if you went into such a scenario but were coming off a bad breakup, and therefore felt negative about love. Consider what would happen if you went in feeling apprehensive, negative, or just jaded by love. Even if you meant that person that could be your true soul mate, you may never know because you weren’t open to the possibilities. An open mind and the consideration of possibilities can really carry you a lot further, so it’s well worth considering when you go out about your day.

Good Things Can Happen with the Right Attitude

So can love at first sight really happen? It absolutely can, but it means that you have the right attitude towards it. This isn’t something that will happen for everyone, but when it does it’s true magic. When you meet that person and just know that they are somebody that you have to talk to, it’s romance and love bubbling beneath the surface.

You never know until you try, and so if you open yourself up to the possibilities and see where a chance meeting may take you, there could be wonderful things ahead. Love at first sight is possible, so always go in with an open mind but no expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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