Is Dating Just a Game?

Is Dating Just a Game?

The influence of mass culture leaves us almost no choice to be ourselves and trying to follow all the tendencies of our modern society we seem to have forgotten what we really want and what we really need. And what is about such an important part of everyone’s life as dating?

Today we tend to treat dating as a game where we can change partners and rules just because they don’t fit us as old gloves. Now it’s high time to stop and think a little about what we do. Don’t forget that life is not a game and we are not just participants. And what if we have no second chance to replay it? Of course, we shouldn’t take things too close to heart, but at the same time ignoring our own feelings and the feelings of other people won’t make a lot of good.

Therefore, in order to date successfully you are to observe the following easy rules:

  • Become Free. Before starting a new dating love story make sure that you’ve become absolutely free from the burden of the previous relationships. Free your mind and your thoughts for someone who will definitely make you happy.
  • Be Yourself. Are you sure that dating is what you really need right now? Don’t try dating just because of the environment pressure (friends, relatives etc.) We have been always told that it’s bad to be single, that you can’t be a complete person without a soulmate beside you. And probably this is right, but remember that you are the master of your life, don’t let public oppinion interfere with it.
  • Be Responsible. Keep in mind that dating a partner is a responsibility. And as soon as you start long-term relationships your life will completely change. Long term relationships presuppose commitment to you partner. So, be resdy that sometimes the interests of our one and only will eclipse your own ones. But if you really love your partner this fact shouldn’t bother you.

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4 thoughts on “Is Dating Just a Game?”

  • yep, if you feel like not ready for relationships – don’t start them, think about the people you may hurt with your behaviour. Be honest towards them and yorself!

  • Pretty women, many of them any way, don’t care if they hurt men not meeting their standards because another one will come along if they experienced the same volume of offers as the average man they would begin to believe something was wrong with them and collapse into a vain little ball of self obsessed pity.

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