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How to Date a Russian Girl: 5 Dating Tips

“They say Slavic women are the most beautiful women in the world. And the best”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

How to Date a Russian Girl: 5 Dating Tips

“They say Slavic women are the most beautiful women in the world. And the best”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

They say Slavic women are the most beautiful women in the world. And the best of them are Russian women. A lot of men from all over the world prefer to have a Russian wife. And there are some good reasons for that. 

If you are looking for someone to have a successful relationship with, or even have a family in future, a Russian girl is probably the best choice for you. Most of the Russian girls are taught to be good wives from their childhood. They can really do everything to make you feel like home: from cooking to crafting. They also are very supportive and, of course, always care about their appearance. No wonder so many men are willing to date Russian girls. And it is, actually, not that difficult. Just follow these 5 main tips and be ready to find your future Mrs. Right ;)

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Meet her online

Online dating is a very common ground to meet and chat with a Russian girl. Of course, you can simply come to Russia, but, in fact, a lot of Russian women consider online dating relationship stronger than when you meet in real life just for a few days. So, the easiest way to meet your match online would be dating sites or dating apps like Meetville, where you can find a woman according to your common interests and preferences. 


Compliment her

Most of the Russian women really enjoy when you are paying her compliments and notice little things about her. She would be really impressed if you'd make something romantic for her or amaze her with an unexpected surprise. Being a true gentleman is the key to win a Russian girl over.


Show your confidence

The main difference between Russian women and, for example, American is that they just want to depend on someone. Family in Russia is something very traditional and not a lot of women are ready to change it. So, be ready that in a relationship with a Russian girl you'll need to be a "real man". It means that you need to show her your confidence from the first minutes of your conversation. You may allow her to be capricious and lead you in some cases but in some situations don't forget to show her that you are the head of the family and she should depend on you.


Make her laugh

This rule may go to almost any woman, but Russian girls particularly appreciate men with a sense of humor. Also, good jokes are always very helpful when you need to create more easy-going atmosphere. Learn more about her interests and use your sense of humor talking about topics that she likes. Just don't be offensive and vulgar. No woman would like that.


Less speaking, more action

What Russian girls appreciate in men the most is their ability not to speak about a problem but solve it. If she is in trouble and you help her without even discussing it, you'll immediately win her heart. 


Of course, there are some particular features in dating Russian women, but you also need to remember some general rules of being a gentleman. With use of these tips and your own dating experience, you will have no problems with dating a Russian woman ;)

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