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Is Online Dating for You?

“It's still questionable for some people if online dating worth it or not. You can”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

Is Online Dating for You?

“It's still questionable for some people if online dating worth it or not. You can”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

It's still questionable for some people if online dating worth it or not. You can find plenty of research on the Internet proving the both sides, though, in most cases, these researchers never tried online dating themselves. What really matters here is the experience of the real people with their success and failers. 

That's why here we got the best opinions from Quora (a question-answer platform) saying why you should or should not give the online dating a shot. And as a bonus - simple chart that would tell you if you should try online dating.

Katherine Foster 

Why not? Here, you can contact people from different parts of the world, and have more opportunities to meet different people. You only need to fill in the basic personal information and limit the condition of the person you want to date. Well, the search results are what you want. I used to rarely use the online dating platform, but after I tried, I felt good about it.

Irina Smolinskaya 

Why shouldn’t you try online dating?! It’s as great a place as any to meet new people and potentially someone special. There are many dating sites out there that cater to different people. Just decide what you are looking for and join accordingly.

Buster Smith 

Online dating is a great way to meet new people and have new experiences. Though dating online is just another avenue one can and should make an effort to meet their “soulmate”. Sometimes it leads them to that person and sometimes it doesn’t. But in either manner, you should exhaust multiple options when looking for that special person.

Gerard Gold 

Gosh, is there still someone who is unsure whether online dating is worth it? No, that's not the right way to say it: Is there actually anyone with a smart phone and single who hasn't tried it?  
Online dating is the best thing for single people that Internet created. If you talk to 100 random married couples under 40, lots of them have met through online dating sites or apps.
Even though when you start, it may not happen immediately but if you stick with it, things start changing for the better as you online dating skills grow and improve. Good luck!

Jonny Begood  

Sure you can try it, if you so desire. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time. Profiles are not 100% reliable and people tend to exaggerate, or even outright lie on their profiles. Even their pictures may be 10 years old or older, portraying a much younger self. Go to the bar, join a club, enroll in an exercise class (YOGA, for example), walk in a park. These are much better ways of meeting people.

Emalee Craig 

Online dating is just more convenient and fast and easy. I've done my share of online dating. Sometimes it was successful and sometimes it wasn't. Also, it's definitely easier if you're very shy, not so talkative, or either busy. And really, it's just so much easier and actually fun because it can open up so many relationships that would've never happened it if weren't for social media.

Ramini Subramaniam 

I thought most people were trying online dating. It's difficult to meet the right people in real life. Why not cast a wider net and try your luck? Everyone is looking to meet their soul mate. And your soul mate might be just looking for you on the net!

Still not sure if you should try online dating? Answer a few questions at this chart to find out if you really need it!

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