How to Use Our New Service Pulse

How to Use Our New Service Pulse

The world is full of everyday news and events that call people’s attention and the service Pulse gives opportunity for each user to share their opinions on different topics with other Meetville’s members by giving answers to questions or commenting the news. We want help you to use our service Pulse without any problem. Let’s see how it works! By clicking on the tab Pulse in the dashboard a list of questions for popular topics opens up and a user is given an opportunity to:

Sort out questions according to the themes and go to Channels at the right top corner of a question box and choose a specific topic:

news_фото 1

Give an answer to any questions and read a piece of news related:

news_фото 2

Take part in the topic discussion by leaving comments on the questions or other members’ comments:

news_фото 3

If you want to leave a comment on a question or a piece of news you need to click on “Write a comment…”  line at the bottom of the member’s comments list. Confirm the chosen topic by clicking on a topic image itself that appears right after you have clicked on a comment line and then start typing. As soon as you type click on the button “Comment” and your opinion get posted in public. Remember that comments can be added only to those questions that you have previously vote for.
If you want to give a reply to a specific member’s comment you need to click on a user’s comment, type your thought and click on the button “Reply”. Note that the name of a user you are giving reply to is self-inserted in your text.

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