How to Tell If Your Date Is Flirting With You: 6 Signs to Look For

How to Tell If Your Date Is Flirting With You: 6 Signs to Look For

When you meet “the one” you usually notice that immediately. You feel that you like this person and try to flirt with them to draw their attention to you. But the only question that is stuck in your head is whether they like you back or not. The only way to find it out is to check if your date is flirting with you.

There are some common flirting signs that say they’re interested. These are also how you tune into somebody when you’re really interested in them. It’s not as hard as you might think, and if you tune into this then flirting may actually be fun and productive. Here are some obvious signs of flirting that you can do and be on the lookout for as well.

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That smile that says so much 

You may just flash a smile, but there is so much behind that. This is not a polite smile, but really one that says “come here”. You aren’t saying a word, but the type of sly smile that you offer to somebody can tell them everything they need to know. This is a really simple way of flirting that will really win them over and get you noticed.


Maintaining eye contact even across a room 

There may be a ton of people around you or a lot going on, but you can maintain eye contact through all of that. You are tuned into each other and your eyes are almost locked. This is flirting and it’s saying that you are interested. That eye contact will continue to be important as a way of flirting and paying attention to each other.

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A gentle touch on the arm 

If you’re talking to each other and you suddenly give or get a gentle touch on the arm then this is definitely flirting. It may be as you move forward that progresses to a gentle touch on the small of the back. You are staking your claim so to speak and showing that you are interested through subtle but well-executed touch.


Licking the lips or flipping the hair

You may not even be aware that you are doing these things, but they are definitely flirting. It’s that simple and very subtle licking of the lips. As you are talking you may flip the hair back and they see that there is more to it. This invites them to come talk to you or opens the doors with the nonverbal cues.


Turning the body into the other person 

You are essentially closing the proximity between you. The way that you hold yourself and turn into the other person is showing that you are into them. It may be that you uncross your arms and face the person or that you move into them. It just says that you like them all by the way that you stand.


“Flirty” talking or fun joking back and forth 

It’s the jokes back and forth and the way that you have fun talking to each other. It’s the cute little way that you talk to each other and the little subtle ways that you keep it interesting. The way that you interact with each other in this way can really say a lot once you get to know each other—and act as some awesome flirting!

Flirting is usually subtle but can say so much with so little. It’s the little cues and even the nonverbal that say so much. This is a fun way of mastering the relationship and showing the other person that you are into them in a really enjoyable way.

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