How to Prevent the Person You Don’t Like from Contacting You

How to Prevent the Person You Don’t Like from Contacting You

We are so happy that Meetville unites many amazing people and our apps for iPad/iPhoneAndroid and recently launched apps on Amazon AppStore and Samsung Apps becoming more and more popular among our users! We hope that soon we will unite even more members. Meetville has a numerous community of interesting users, we are sure that everyone can find like-minded people here, those who are interested in issues that are important for you, those who share your ideas and preferences or just people who are nice to chat with.

Our aim is to let two halves meet. We value each our user and really appreciate time you spend with us communicating only with the right people. If you don’t like this or that person for some reason, and you don’t want any type of communication with him/her, as well as to see him/her in the Notification, you can block or hide this person.

A few easy steps will help you to do this:

Use “Block” link in chat not to receive messages from this user, and use “Hide” option inside “Or” drop-down menu on the right from the user’s photo not to see him in search results and Matches.

Take this step if you want to hide users you don’t like from search results:

Use the “Hide” link to remove the users you dislike from the search results. The “Hide” link can be found at the top of the user profile page, inside “or” dropdown menu near the “Add to Favorites” button.

What is more, as you know Meetville makes great efforts to get rid of scammers. We delete suspicious profiles every day Unfortunately, some scammers are really good at what they do and manage to slip under our radars. You can help us get rid of scammers by reporting suspicious profiles to us, so we can remove them.

With your help we will make Meetville even better!

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