How to Date Lesbians in LA: Making a Good Impression in the City of Angels

How to Date Lesbians in LA: Making a Good Impression in the City of Angels

Did you know that Los Angeles has one of the most vivid lesbian communities all over America? This city accommodates many subcultures that are represented by its huge population and a wide range of neighborhoods. Most of LA queer life is focused in West Hollywood and Downtown, so these areas are perfect for meeting like-minded girls, and you can find lesbians in Los Angeles here. 

Actually, lesbian dating in Los Angeles is not hard at all. Local girls are pretty open about their preferences, and you will not have to guess if she’s lesbian or not. Unfortunately, there are no such things as ‘purely’ lesbian bars in LA, but you should never forget about the force of online dating and how helpful it can be. 

No matter where you plan to meet a girl, you have to master some communication skills to make a girl fall for you. Here are some surefire ways to make a good impression on a lesbian girl both offline and online. 

Show your interest in a girl 

Usually, when you first talk to someone, you try looking like the best version of yourself, discussing favorite filmmakers and philosophers, the funniest stories from life, and even genealogy details. No need to do that! Remember that people value ​​the interest others show to them: the ability to ask questions about another person’s life and listen. You can also talk about pop culture (new movies and TV shows are a good start) and, oddly enough, politics can help you. According to some reports, the coincidence of political views increases the likelihood of a second date by 91%. 

Surprise her

Want to try and surprise a girl? What about an unusual offer? A decent one, of course. For example, learning to dance the tango together. Or, visiting some cooking classes. It should be both fun and useful for both of you to know more about each other. 

Be self-confident and positive

Confidence and positivity are probably the most needed traits for a girl to attract other girls. Have a smile on your face, and try to feel good about the situation. If you are confident in yourself, the girl you are talking to will immediately pick up those vibes. 

Create your own technique 

There is no need to follow any instructions. Moreover, the is no manual that will guarantee your success in lesbian dating. Even the best recommendations may not work in any particular case, especially if you live in such a big city like LA. Therefore, think with your head and heart, listen to your intuition, and develop your own idea of what will work better for you.


When dating in LA, you have to make sure you use all your opportunities to meet a lesbian. It will not work if you just sit still and do nothing. There are so many new people coming to LA each day, you just have to discover them, no matter offline or online. Los Angeles is a place of queers, and for queers, so you have all your chances to meet that right girl


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