How to Be Sexy: 10 Useful Tips

How to Be Sexy: 10 Useful Tips

You think that being sexy means wearing tight-fitting clothes and lots of makeup? Well, you are wrong. In reality, being sexy is not only about your physical appearance but more about your state of mind and internal attractiveness. So if you are looking for some actual tips on how to be sexy, here are some of the ideas that you can use and become a professional in the art of seduction.

Always make eye contact

Looking directly at somebody’s eyes would make your contact more intimate. If you want to get more attention, make sure that your partner is fully focused on you.

Use your humor

Good sense of humor is very sexy! In fact, it’s the first thing that most of people notice on their first date. So if you know that you are capable of making a good joke, it will make you very attractive to others.

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Be confident

Nothing will give you additional points to your sexuality as much as confidence. A sexy person is always confident, ’cause he/she knows their worth.

Don’t reveal too much

Of course, wearing short skirts and a bit more unbuttoned shirts will make you look sexy. But only if you when to stop. Wearing a lot of revealing clothes will just make you look too vulgar. Leave something to imagination 😉


You can’t make other people love you until you love yourself! So, if you want to be attractive to other people, start from yourself.

Be kind

A truly sexy person is not simply attractive but also is very kind and has a great personality. Showing your best qualities as a person will definitely help other people to think better of you.

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Don’t hide your smile

Did you know that 53% of find a great smile the most attractive feature? Also, smiling at someone is a great way to draw their attention to you.

Wear heels

A woman wearing heels doesn’t just look sexy in men’s eyes. It actually changes the figure and posture, which makes her feel more confident and sexy by herself.

Don’t rush

It may sound surprising but slow and elegant moves always make you look sexier. Just try it and you will see the difference.

Be mysterious

It’s great if your future partner knows a lot about you so that you can see if you have common interests and life values. But don’t tell everything about yourself at once! Every person should have a mystery, so it would be more interesting to find something new every time you communicate.

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