How Much Do Men and Women Differ?

How Much Do Men and Women Differ?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men and women: are they so different? released the infographic covering the differences between the two sexes.

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Sometimes seems that they live in different worlds. Dr. Debra Laino, Shave Magazine Correspondent, admits: “Though we would like to think males and females are fairly similar (except for the obvious physical or reproductive differences), we know that there are fundamental psychological differences. These differences do not mean that one sex is better than the other, but it does mean that your partner may gain a unique perspective, hold a unique view, or have distinct abilities in the world which are rooted in their gender.”

So what are these major differences between men and women? Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner, says: “Women differ from men in many ways including their attitude toward money. Women avoid risk more than men; this can come back to bite them. Perhaps it comes down to both genes and social upbringing – women feel greater pain when they lose money than men. The result is that women tend to shy away from stocks more than men do.”

Different attitude toward money may lead to many conflict situations and arguments between couples, but what is interesting, is that the two genders tend to argue in different ways. Margrit Bradley, an article writer, points out: “Men have been found to be the gender who will more typically bottle up their feelings during an argument. This is thought to be because in many relationships it tends to be the woman who brings up aspects of a relationship that she would like to change or talk about, and as a result is often the driving force behind the argument. In these situations a man can tend to clam up and not respond as much to criticisms or requests he may be receiving. This can sometimes be seen as an attempt to prevent an argument.”

Marriage is another point that bring controversy between a couple. Vicki Larson, a journalist and columnist, states: “Forget about “two becoming one” when a man and woman marry; in fact, what we really experience is a “his” and a “hers” marriage — a husband’s and a wife’s.” Women tend to care more about the details than men do.

Alex Cusper, Meetville analyst, points out: “However the difference between men and women is obvious, it doesn’t necessarily mean that relationships between the two genders are impossible or difficult to handle. Problems arise when we expect the opposite sex should feel, think or act the way we do or the way we think is right to do. To live in harmony men and women should understand in what ways they are different and accept these differences.”

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