For Its 2-Month Birthday Pulse United Almost 8 mln People

For Its 2-Month Birthday Pulse United Almost 8 mln People

2 month ago we’ve launched a new service Pulse for a light fireside chat on almost every topic. As a platform for discussing everything from politics to senior dating it became a pet subject to our users.
For those who still hesitate about joining Pulse Hot Discussions we prepared a list of most popular topics to discuss. Keep your hand on the Meetville Pulse with us!

Are you willing to move for love? How far are you ready to move? What can make you move to another city or country? 39,447 people participated in the discussion.
Are long distance relationships possible? What personal traits should people possess in order to make long distance relationships happy? Why long distance relationships are impossible? 39,453 people are involved in the discussion.

Do you make friends easy? How can broken friendships be mended? What true friendship is? 39,448 people shared their opinion on the issue.

Do you like a morning run? What do you usually eat before a morning run? Which running shoe brand do you prefer? 24,643 people expressed their view.

We look forward to your answers! See you on Meetville Pulse!

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