Five Mistakes Women Should Avoid When Dating

Five Mistakes Women Should Avoid When Dating

According to recent statistics, 40% of people over fifty years of age are single. Whether due to divorce or the untimely death of a spouse, persons over age fifty are finding themselves once again in the dating pool. After walking down the aisle with the man of their dreams, these women are now faced with starting the dating process all over again, when they felt that part of life was far behind them.  Most don’t want to live the rest of their lives alone that is why they marry. And let’s face it, as people are living longer, healthier lives, fifty is the new forty. If you find yourself over fifty and newly single, here’s some advice for diving into the dating pool.

1. Don’t begin dating until you are sure you are ready. If you have suffered a loss within the past year, give yourself the time to grieve. Experts recommend you not make any big decisions or alter your living circumstances any more than is necessary for a year after a death. Remember, divorce is a death, too; the death of a relationship.

2. Don’t make the mistake of thinking things will be the same as they were in your twenties and early thirties. The same goes for your wardrobe, hairstyle and outlook.  How long has it been since you changed your hairstyle or bought new clothing? It might be time for a new you to go along with your new circumstances. Order some catalogs and pay attention to the hairstyles on the models as well as the fashions. They are very consumer friendly and age-appropriate in order to appeal to the catalog shopper. If you find the clothing costs exceed your budget, visit an upscale consignment store. Take pictures of current hairstyles you like to your hairdresser. He or she may be dying to give you a new look and might suggest an attractive new hair color as well. You’ll be surprised how much you like the new you.

3. Don’t sit at home or do the things you’ve always done and expect a man to fall into your lap. Engage in new activities, change where you shop, join clubs or service groups. Even if you don’t meet your someone, you’ll have a good time and find new friends who might know just the right person for you.

4. Don’t be afraid to take yourself on a date.  If you don’t have plans and don’t feel like sitting home alone, dress up and head out to that new bistro you’ve been dying to try. Dining alone is not a sign of desperation; it shows you enjoy your own company. Smile at people who catch your eye and be open and friendly. You never know who you might meet. At the very least, you’ve enjoyed a new experience and a pleasant evening out.

5. Don’t rule out internet dating. The fastest growing segment of online daters is age fifty and up. Today, online dating is the second most popular way of meeting a significant other, second only to meeting through friends or family members.

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