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A Must Checklist for Ladies before the First Date

“No matter how wonderful you are, a first date requires quite a bit of preparation.”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021
getting ready

A Must Checklist for Ladies before the First Date

“No matter how wonderful you are, a first date requires quite a bit of preparation.”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

No matter how wonderful you are, a first date requires quite a bit of preparation.

Meetville offers advice that will help you make an unforgettable first impression, as well as will guarantee many successful dates to come. Here you'll find out what to pay attention to before the first date, how to choose clothing colors, and what other popular male preferences are.


What are the opinions of dating experts on how the first impression matter:

Chiara Atik, a dating expert and author of “Modern Dating: A Field Guide,” is sure that looks matter. “We asked men what the things they first notice about women were. One thing they brought up often was clothing. Indeed it does say a lot about who you are. The date uses clothing to determine if he might like you and if you might get along.”

Clothing choice affects the level of attraction. So you might think of the message you want to convey with your outfit.

While women wearing dark colors give off an impression of being authoritative, those who choose a red dress aim at bringing some sexual tension about. Adam Pazda, who has conducted various studies on the topic of color. “Red is inextricably linked with romance and sex in Western culture — think of Valentine’s Day hearts, red lipstick and even red-light districts. Psychologists have found that whatever a woman’s intentions when she dons a red outfit, men respond. Moreover, studies suggest that such responses are typical of both men and women.

Yet, regardless of the conditions, the majority of men are definitely mostly attracted by red. Apart from cultural conditioning, this influence of red on men is a biological matter too. However, when wearing yellow, it’s better to exercise some caution, as studies have proved that it is often rated as the least attractive by men.

Generally, you should think while choosing what color to wear, as it carries a huge effect on the impression you’re going to make. Yet even if your final choice is red, you may arouse genuinely pleasant emotions with more neutral colors. For example white and blue.


Does only appearance matter?

Apart from dressing up for a date, it is worth considering other aspects of your appearance. Scientists don’t know for sure how body odor affects a woman’s sexiness. Yet men state their first impression of a woman is demonstrably affected by scent. Magazine “Psychology Today” refers in the relevant article to Bryant Furlow who claims that man’s allure depends in part on how many immune system genes he shares with a potential mate. “Choosing a genetically compatible partner can be difficult it today. Yet despite some extravagant industry promises, the attraction value in perfumes resides strictly in their pleasantness, not their sexiness.”

In addition to that, be sure to take care of your hair and skin to make your image complete.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, believes that however significant the first impression, it is important not to go overboard with too much effort, as simply a relaxed person is easier to be around.

These useful tips will turn the terrible ordeal of getting ready for the date into an enjoyable process.


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