First Date Success

First Date Success

A first date is one of the most nervous aspects of dating at any age – you wonder whether your date will like you, whether you’ll like him or her, but anyway the purpose of a first date is to ensure a second. If you go on a first date without a game plan you can find yourself overwhelmed and spending too much time on seniors who don’t deserve it. However, if you follow these simple rules you can find your first dates to be better and more enjoyable.

Try to think of activities that you would both enjoy doing together. It can be a romantic picnic, an exhibition at local art gallery or a concert you both like. Your first date activities should encourage conversation, so don’t make the date too complicated, but easy and enjoyable for both of you!

Plan for a shorter date (one to two hours is sufficient). If things are going well, you can always extend the date, and if not, then you would be stuck in an all-day event with a person that is wrong for you.

Be specific on a dress code for where you will be going. It can be embarrassing when one person shows up in dress clothes and the other in casual. If you like your partner’s appearance -just compliment your date, but don’t overdo it. A few nice words can make a person feel special, but persistent comments can be annoying.

Balance your talking with listening. The purpose of this meeting is to know each other a little better. Don’t dominate the conversation with talk about yourself, but learn to listen. Ask your date about themselves – a healthy interest in getting to know your date is a good sign.

Don’t compare your date with your prior partner – no one will be quite like the one you are now without. Look for those good qualities in the person you’re with.

And don’t forget to have fun, because even senior years don’t give you the right to be boring. You have a lot to offer and a lot to share. Be sincere, honest, and regain all the charm you have.

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6 thoughts on “First Date Success”

  • rolf, I remember, when I was younger I came on a date on high heels and mini skirt, I looked really fantastic, whereas my date put on simple jeans and sneakers with a T-shirt. I was so much embarrased 🙁

  • yeah. its all simple and easy! until you have to do it in reality lol 😀 i mean, when it comes to a first date, you start making silly mistakes 🙁

  • no, the funnies thing happened to me once. I invited a girl for a date, we went to some bar. I didn’t want it to be too long (just like it’s said here – some one two hours) but ater we ate our meals she went on another round of drinks! I thought wow! she’s really enjoying my company. I was pleased and happy, but then there was another round and then another one…. lol, in the end she got drunk and started loading me with some crap about her ex! 😀
    yeaaaaah, now it’s funny, but then I was mad! no need to say that I didn’t see her again 😀

  • I don’t think it’s possible to have fun on a first date. you meet almost a complete stranger. you have to get used to him first of all. I don’t know how you people do that, but I cannot even relax on a first date ;(

  • yeah, I hate in when man invites me on a date without even asking what I’d like to do! no, of course I love surprises, but one should know me well before making a suprprise to be sure that I’ll like it. otherwise you’d bettter aske me before, for example, buying tickets for a movie!

  • I usually make one mistake mentioned here – I compare my date with my ex. that’s why first dates are always a kind of disappointment for me 🙁 but i give a second one a chance. may be there will be a third. but if noting changes, I stop it.

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