Fifteen Things for Guys Not to Say in Dating E-Mail

Fifteen Things for Guys Not to Say in Dating E-Mail

You’ve created an awesome profile, posted the best picture and are ready to move onto sending your first e-mail. STOP! If you’ve made it this far don’t make these common mistakes and ruin your chances to move forward with the lucky lady.These are real examples of online dating e-mail:

1. “Delicious” (and nothing else)
How does one respond to this? Don’t you have anything more to say?  “Am I nothing more than a tasty dessert to you?

2. “I’ve waited my whole life for an older women to show me the ropes.”
With this one sentence you show that you: a) notice the age difference; b) are really immature and c) view a date as nothing more than a sex lesson.

3. “I can’t wait to check out your tats”
Okay, tattoos are great. They really are but once again this is too much focus on the physical. And grammar please!

4. “Love your puppy. Can we get married..?”
Creepy!! Bad grammar and a stalker from the get go.

5. “You sure don’t look like you lift weights”
This is a tricky one. Is it a compliment or a criticism? Women tend to be pretty sensitive about how their bodies are perceived and with this in your opener you may very well offend her.

6. “Hey there…  Love your (almost) sane profile.”

7. “I see what i like and I like to meat you.”
This was followed by: “Don’t want to devastate you, but my luv is true…” Poor spelling and grammar is going to cut out a whole group of gals you’d like to meet.  Get it right. And, if you don’t get a response the first time, your second shot should be faultless and not too desperate.

8. “Hello there Lady”
“Lady”, “Ma’am” and “Woman” are all words you may want to avoid. They suggest you are referring to an older gal. That doesn’t make any age group happy.

9. “I didn’t ____ today”
If you two have something in common that you do every day such as weightlifting, yoga or running, she doesn’t want to know you didn’t follow through. And she would probably also like to hear you have more going on in your life than just your shared interest.

10.  “How are you, please look for me on Facebook, I’m ____”
Good to know..  However, it would be a lot better if you just typed a personal and appropriate sentence or two.

11.  “Hi there – I noticed that you have an MBA.  What are the best programs? How do I get in without trying?”
Are you looking for a career counselor or the love of your life?

12. “Those questions really don’t mean anything.”
Yes, they do matter. Your profile or the answers to a questionnaire are THE REASON you got this far.

13. “Gamelover” “C3po” “Boytoy”
Is this really what you want for the first impression?  Your username says a lot, don’t let it sink you from the start.

14. “What does your username mean?”
This may appear to be an innocent question but it’s actually very probing. Most people have a secret code for their username and frankly you don’t ever need to know it.

15. “What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with my profile?”
Nothing screams desperate more than this. This is something much better answered by loving and honest friends, not potential dates.

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