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3 Subtle Ways to Show Interest with a Gentle Touch

“The art of touch is a really profound sense when it comes to showing affection.”
By Harry Holt June 11, 2021
touch shows interest

3 Subtle Ways to Show Interest with a Gentle Touch

“The art of touch is a really profound sense when it comes to showing affection.”
By Harry Holt June 11, 2021

The art of touch is a really profound sense when it comes to showing affection. This need not be anything elaborate or over the top, for a gentle touch can tell so much about what you are feeling. This can be applied from early on in dating throughout the rest of the relationship too. The thing to remember is that you don’t want to cross any boundaries and you always want to be sure to keep it simple, gentle, and within your current boundaries too.

You never want to come on too strong, for this can have dire consequences. If she thinks that you’re not in a position to get that close to her, then you may send her instantly away. Also if she thinks that you’re just trying to touch her to progress physically with her, then this is an instant turn off. The important thing to remember here is that it’s all about subtleties and sort of searching her body language for cues as to what she’s really ready for here. Though you may think that this is hard to interpret, she may be giving you signs already that you just have to tune into.

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You want your touch to say that you’re interested, but not only in a physical relationship, that you are a nice guy that respects her and to generate chills and to get her to say that she wants to be with you or at least see where things go from here. That’s why the type of touch that you use and the way that you put yourself out there really matter greatly. Here are some perfect examples of the types of touch that can get her interested in you, and can progress the relationship further for both of you in the right way.


Gently reach out and touch her arm while you are sitting across from each other 

This is the best first type of touch because it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make you seem overly aggressive. It also ensures that you can show her that you are interested because if done properly it can literally take her breath away. You want her to see that you are into her, and by reaching out and gently touching her arm it says all of this and so much more. Just make it quick and subtle but watch her whole demeanor and body language change, as she likely leans into you and shows major interest.


When she is standing next to you, reach out and softly touch the small of her back

As you get more comfortable, this is almost like taking care of her with a touch. It shows that you have interest in her and that you are attracted to her and shows that you want things to progress, but that you aren’t taking advantage of the situation; it says that you want to continue getting to know her and also that you are attracted to her, so it’s a really wonderful touch.


As you get more comfortable brush against her or gently caress her face

This comes with time, it shouldn’t be your first attempt to touch on a first date. This means that you are comfortable enough to brush against her in a subtle way. This says nothing with words but everything with actions. When you get to the point of caressing her face then it means that you are close to or have enjoyed the first kiss. It’s an extension of that and it works really well.

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Though you may feel nervous about that all-important first touch, it need not be as worrisome as you might think. These are some great examples of times when your gentle touch can mean so much, and now you know how to make it work.

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