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10 Extremely Romantic Little Things Guys Do

“We all know about some cliché that are shown through multiple romantic films and TV-shows.”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021
romantic things men do

10 Extremely Romantic Little Things Guys Do

“We all know about some cliché that are shown through multiple romantic films and TV-shows.”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

We all know about some cliché that are shown through multiple romantic films and TV-shows. Flowers, chocolate, candles… That’s great if you’re using these (not only in Valentine’s Day aisle), but isn’t it boring? We’re going to show you 10 little, everyday romantic ideas that can be much more special for your loved one than anything else.

When it comes to romance, women and even men have the same images in their heads. Media and social networks show us how romance should look like. Practice shows that much of what is shown does not happen every day, not even every month. Perfect dinner with candle lights by the sea or a ring with a big diamond can be expected for a very long time. And banal cards from a nearby market, teddy bears or chocolate for Valentine's Day may become quite annoying.

Romance should not be only on special occasions and holidays. It should remain every single day because even small details can bring positive emotions and new impressions. Attention and care are much more important than a purchased item without a hint of diligence.

Drawing conclusions from what was heard from women, we managed to figure out a few helpful points. Many of them might seem too simple for you, but they do work and brighten up any relationship.

1. He pauses slightly before he says, “You look great tonight.” 

That pause means everything as you realize it’s the moment when he’s just taking you in with his eyes and thinking "wow."

2. He surprises you with little gifts.

Like when you were having a bad day or he knows you were craving a piece of cake. It’s not necessary to be something expensive, attention and support is the key.

3. He wakes you up with coffee or even better - makes you breakfast.

A mug of tea or coffee might be the best you're going to get if he doesn't know how to make an omelet, but it's the thought that counts.

4. He introduces you to family and friends.

You know that since this happens you’re truly a part of his life. It might seem unnecessary for men, but it means a lot to women.

5. He has real conversations with us.

We like to talk and more than that we like to be heard. Sitting down, listening to us and actually responding with his own thoughts is incredibly romantic. This way we can open up and learn more about each other.

6. He cleans up sometimes — without being asked.

It’s nice when there is an evening free from cleaning and you can do what you want. Now imagine your hot boyfriend who diligently washes the floor in the living room. Isn’t it sexy?

7. He knows where to kiss you.

He’s aware of that special spot, the little section behind your ear or under your knee. Such attention to detail will definitely be rewarded in the most pleasant form.

8. He snuggles.

It does not have to last for hours, but physical contact (not only sex) is important for us. If he allows falling asleep on his chest or hugs while watching a movie, nothing can compare with this feeling of peace and love at the moment.

9. He lets us know he’s thinking about us.

During the meeting or while hanging out with his friends he sends cute texts because he misses us. It warms our hearts even if it's just a bunch of love-themed emojis.

10. He remains a gentleman.

It seems commonplace, but it is extremely pleasant when he opens the door, moves a chair when you sit down or takes off your coat.

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