Don’t Wait to Be Happy

Don’t Wait to Be Happy

A couple decades ago to be an unmarried woman over 30 was considered simply indecent, but modern life brings its changes: studies, career and many other factors have significantly increased the average marital age. But there is one more category of women who are single being out of their twenties, these are divorced women and each of them has her own story and her own unpleasant experience.

Anyway if your heart is open for love and romance, if you are looking for a life partner you have to be patient and look at yourself from aside.

Of course life has taught you to be critical, but keep in mind that men are as emotional as women are. And no matter what they say, they usually look for a loving and kind lady. A self-centered bitch may be cool for a one night stand but definitely not for a long term relationship. I understand it’s not an easy thing to trust someone when your heart has been already broken once, but stable relationships are built on mutual commitment, therefore think if you are really ready to plunge into the world of serious relationships and only then move further.

Don’t be too picky and start treating male appearance as less important factor while choosing a potential husband. As practice shows compatible characters and mutual interests play much more important role for building up healthy relationships than a cute face. By the way, how long ago did you look at yourself critically with your make up washed off? Bear in mind that most of the time your husband will see you this way.

Maybe your self-esteem is lower than it should be? A lot of women over 30 have become too unconfident in their looks. But if you don’t love yourself why should others love you? If you have any problems with your appearance it’s up to you whether to work at yourself and become happy or continue moaning and blame everyone in your problems. You are still young, but now your perfect look is your job. Men really appreciate gorgeous women over 30, so why not become one of them?

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