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Top 6 Ways Your Phone Can Wreck Your Relationships

“The benefits of the cell phone are endless, but when it comes to relationships, the”
By Betty Lockwood November 25, 2019

Top 6 Ways Your Phone Can Wreck Your Relationships

“The benefits of the cell phone are endless, but when it comes to relationships, the”
By Betty Lockwood November 25, 2019

The benefits of the cell phone are endless, but when it comes to relationships, the mobile phone creates obstacles to amorous people and at times acts as a disruptor. Read about the negative implications of mobile technology in relationships.

The cell phone was meant to ease communication and help people stay in touch wherever they are. The surge of messengers and dating apps made it possible to build relationships online. Finding a match is no longer a problem today. Social media profiles contain lots of information you can use to start a conversation with your potential partner. At first, it seemed like a lifeline for all young people looking for love, and it worked. What we couldn’t foresee is that mobile technology would also wreck the relationships of many couples that tend to overuse these devices.

Besides amazing communication opportunities, the mobile phone has other facets that are addictive, invasive, and destructive in nature. The mobile phone has slowly turned into a disruptive technology that brings more harm and less pleasure to individuals involved in relationships. The use of mobile phones is followed by many risks that can lead to the weakening of your relationship bond or even strife between you and your romantic partner.

These are 6 ways of how mobile technology can potentially wreck your relationship.

  • You’re always getting distracted by a phone
  • Based on the 2018 data, an average young person aged 18 to 29 sends over 100 messages a day. The majority of youth tend to answer immediately after receiving a notification. Responding quickly to messages is of great value when you are involved with the business. However, if you are in the middle of talking to your girlfriend, you should avoid touching your phone at all. Otherwise, you will unleash powers far beyond your control. Sounds familiar?

    There is a solid link between cell phones and relationships. Those couples in which one person is overly dependent on their mobile devices are more prone to break up and claim low levels of relationship satisfaction. They fight more often because of misunderstanding and neglect they demonstrate to each other. Each individual expects to get full attention from their partner. If it is missing, both are bound to suffer.

  • Mobile phone paves the way to online infidelity
  • Online dating is extremely simple, so is online cheating. It takes less than a minute to download and start using a dating app like Meetville. This opportunity works against couples at the moment of fighting. At this point, both men and women are so tempted to take a break and start chatting with a stranger who does not blame you for relationship problems. Mobile technology can be so evil. It allows for escaping reality and ignoring the stuff that needs an urgent way out.

    What’s even worse is that some individuals give in to dating apps, being in relationships. Serial online infidelity exists across numerous couples because mobile phones make it easy to get away with cheating. Yet, the pain of an internet affair amounts to real-life betrayal and is hard to get through.

  • Mobile games outshine activities with your partner
  • Technology hurts relationships in many ways. Mobile games are a popular activity that many people choose to kill time while standing in line or take their mind off for a while. It brings lots of benefits when applied at the right moment. Yet, mobile gaming appears as addictive as social networks. No wonder why some individuals prefer spending an extra hour upgrading new skills over having a date with their soulmate.

    Gaming is one of the main reasons why many couples lose interest in each other. It is challenging to compete with video games, and few are ready to put up with it. When a person’s world fully revolves around mobile games and virtual reality, there is no place in there for you.

  • Your love life is online but not real 
  • Believe it or not, but 8 hours a week together is a minimum that a couple should spend to maintain the spark in their relationship. However, modern couples see each other far less frequently because a significant part of their interaction occurs in the form of texting and video calling. The advantages of mobile technology foster the replacement of in-person relationships with online communication that cannot reproduce the emotions people experience in reality.

    When a couple relies on messengers only, their bond is a lot more vulnerable to difficulties and obstacles typically arising in a relationship. They have to struggle with misunderstanding and ambiguity that are intrinsic to internet communication and thereby fail to build a healthy relationship.  

  • You share too intimate things on social media
  • Social media users can be divided into two classes. Some are willing to share every moment of their life, while others limit their profiles to a few photos that give basically no knowledge of a person. Normally, women are more inclined to post personal stuff on Facebook and Twitter. Men, in turn, are less excited about this idea and mostly refrain from doing so.  

    This difference of opinion can be a reason to fight. It is hard to understand another side when you live by an absolutely opposite principle. Unless either of the two gives up, the couple’s future is doomed.

  • Tips for building strong relationships
  • It is not easy to admit a connection between the overuse of cell phones and relationship problems. But if any of the five situations above is familiar to you, don’t let your romantic relationships end up with a gridlock neither of you two knows how to stop. These are some helpful tips to save your failing relationship and protect your love life from the phones ruining relationships.

    •         Deactivate social media notifications so that you cannot be distracted while being with your partner. You can also apply ‘do not disturb function’ on your phone to temporarily disable calls and alerts.
    •         Set ‘power hours’ when you can check your messages and post on your social networks, whereas the remaining time should involve a minimum use of your mobile phone.
    •         Keep track of the screen time because people tend to be on the phone more than they usually plan.
    •         Organize a technology-free zone where you can enjoy the silence and be inaccessible to the outside world.  

    And remember: If you are willing to maintain your healthy relationships for long, you should show more patience and care in real life because online memories are not what you will remember years later.


    About the Author: 

    Betty Lockwood is a professional writer, journalist, and editor-in-chief at software development company. She writes news in the video gaming world, traveling, family issues, and music events. Follow Betty on Twitter.  

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