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The Most Common Types of Guys in Online World

“So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and try out online dating. Good for”
By Alex Glover August 24, 2015
The Most Common Types of Guys in Online World relationships dating advice dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

The Most Common Types of Guys in Online World

“So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and try out online dating. Good for”
By Alex Glover August 24, 2015

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and try out online dating. Good for you, you’re starting a new, hopefully exciting phase of your life.  If you’re a lady, there are types of guys you will meet online. Knowing these types will help you sort them out and find the right one.

1. The “Too Good To Be True” Guy You read a profile and think, “wow this guy is perfect!” The profile is a professional level piece of work and the photos are magazine quality. Be very careful. A profile that reads like a model of perfection, may very well be hiding something.

2. The “So far Away” Guy While absence may very well make the heart grow fonder, long distance relationships are very difficult in reality. If a man won’t tell you where he lives or lives far away, be careful. He may not be who he says he is, he may be married, in jail or worse.

3. The Super Dad This is a fairly simple one – do you want to date someone who has children or not? Get this information early on so you really know what you are getting yourself into. And you may want to suggest to him that posting pictures of his kids online isn’t the greatest idea.

4. The Joker Having a good sense of humor is a very good quality unless it’s taken too far. Does his profile look like a comedy club audition skit? Does he answer every question with a joke? This may be his way to deal with anxiety or he may really have something to hide.

 5.The Casanova Does he call you “love” or “darling”, without ever using your real name? This charmer is often all show and no go. Steer clear.   

6. The Stalker This is the guy who scary movies are made about. He gets serious way too fast, he sends flowers and love letters after just one date and he’s very hard to get rid of.  Be on the lookout when things seem to be moving too fast, they probably are and this one may be hard to get rid of.

7. The Guy In The Suit A successful man is usually a good catch and something to look for in your online hunt. But, if the job appears to be his whole identity, if he talks about nothing but work, or if he’s on “important” phone calls during your dates, this corporate success may not be for you.

8.The Nature Nut Guy This guy loves everything having to do with nature and the great outdoors – camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking and rock climbing are how he spends his free time. If you yourself are a true nature girl, he may be a perfect fit. But, if you prefer a hotel to a tent this guy isn’t for you.  

 9. The Divorced Guy Divorce is very common and you may in fact be divorced yourself. A few words of caution about taking this path.  Be sure he’s really over her, accept and love his children and know the marriage was once a very important part of his life.

10. The Man In Uniform If he’s in the military, travel and long tours away from home will be a fact of life.  If this works for you, the guy in the military may be a nice fit.

11. The Guy With The Game Controller Attached To His Hand Need I say more? Video game playing is a perfectly fine way to relax a bit, but the guy who does nothing else or talks about it incessantly my not have much to offer

12. Your Very One Ex So there you are, innocently perusing your matches, when there he is – your old boyfriend or ex-husband! This may not be the dating site for you or maybe you and he need to reconsider the breakup.

13.  And Finally – Mr. Right!! This will be the one who fits you perfectly – he’s kind, he’s honest, he’s respectful and he shares your interests.  This is the one who likes your pets, likes your friends and takes his profile off the site once you two have grown serious.

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