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Sure Ways to Find and Get a Good Man

“Finally, it’s the time to stay away from men who take you for granted, make”
By Alex Glover February 23, 2017

Sure Ways to Find and Get a Good Man

“Finally, it’s the time to stay away from men who take you for granted, make”
By Alex Glover February 23, 2017

Finally, it’s the time to stay away from men who take you for granted, make you feel ordinary, or mistreat you. Don’t let other people hurt your feelings. You surely deserve a better person. So today is the right day to find a good man.

Be positive. There are millions of nice men out there. Their intentions are good. They’re kind and respectful towards women. Such men still value love and commitment. They don’t pretend to be bad boys in order to prove themselves. They’re not hiding. The only thing you need to know is how to meet a good man.

They’re everywhere around you. In plain sight. It may be the guy working out in the gym next to you. Or the cashier at your local shop smiling anytime he sees you. Or a colleague at your office asking how’s your day. No doubt, some of them are already taken. But many still remain single. So don’t get discouraged.

Searching for the right person and building strong relationships may take years. The process may seem hard and frustrating sometimes, but it would be easier to do if you’re aware of how to find a good man. Here are the tips which will help you to spot the man of your dreams.

1. Pay attention to how he listens to you. Relationships are all about communication and support. So it’s essential that your partner takes interest in your everyday life. If you’re telling that there’s something bothering you or you’re just sharing your emotions about the day, take notice of his reaction. An ideal partner would surely be attentive to what you’re saying, wait for his turn to speak, ask questions and give advice if needed. Even if a dispute takes place, he won’t raise his voice or try to shut you down. Any argument may be solved in a civilized way. And the person who loves you will do his best to understand your viewpoint and arrive to a mutually beneficial solution.

2. Observe the way he treats other people. When you go out together, pay attention to how he treats other people. It’s easy to be polite and courteous when everything goes right. So the most important is to notice his reaction when he gets a wrong dish at a restaurant or someone spills coffee on him. A good man will remain patient and calm. It’s also essential to notice how he treats women. A nice partner is always considerate and respectful.

3. Watch how he communicates with your close people. Observe the way he interacts with his and your family members and friends. He should make an effort to blend in and be nice to everybody rather than being moody and disinterested any time he sees them.

4. Take notice of how much time he spends with you. A man should be physically and emotionally available to you. A good partner surely wants to spend as much time with you as possible. It also includes calling and texting to know how’s your significant other doing.

It’s hard to get a good man but if you have, make sure you treat him right. Here’s a list of qualities and behaviours nice guys appreciate so much in their partners.

Faithfulness and honesty

This is a definite must-have. Surely you don’t have to be an open book and share all the secrets with your partner. But it’s a deal-breaker for a good man if he catches you on a lie. It’s understandable that all of us have past, though telling lies from the very beginning is not a good idea at all. He probably won’t put pressure on you or interrogate you for hours, so if he asks you it’s better to give him an honest answer at once. And your loved one will appreciate it.


Any person wants to be respected. But a good man also wants to know that he deserves it. Respect his interests and hobbies even if you aren’t really into them. It will make you a precious partner in his eyes. He may also draw a boundary concerning time, finance, etc. - accept his choice and respect it as well. Both men and women tend to test each other in their own ways, but the one who passes them is the winner and gets it all.

Emotional Stability

It’s possible that your man has been in one or several relationships with an emotionally unstable or insecure individuals. Such people are prone to searching for men to lay the burden of their own troubles and hardships on their partner’s shoulders. A good man with some experience now has learned really well how to spot and avoid this type of women. He doesn’t want to be a savior or rescuer anymore. He’ll take care of you, support you, offer his shoulder when you’re sad. But the key thing here is that he expects you to do the same for him when he needs it.

Now as you have learned the tips of how to get a good man and how to court him, it’s high time for you to find your love and be happy!

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