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Speed Dating

“Trying to find a perfect match one try various ways of meeting new people from”
By Alex Glover February 3, 2015
Speed Dating

Speed Dating

“Trying to find a perfect match one try various ways of meeting new people from”
By Alex Glover February 3, 2015

Trying to find a perfect match one try various ways of meeting new people from visiting bars and night clubs to browsing through different dating websites. And what is about speed dating? Do you know a lot about this matchmaking method? In this article we’ll take a closer look at the basics of speed dating and its rules.

The speed dating rules are created to make your dating effective and comfortable. Don’t concentrate on the result – enjoy the process of dating itself, relax and have fun.

Speed dating elements:

1. All the daters are to fill in a special registration form.

2. The data taken from the registration forms are used to create couples for speed dates.

3. Participants go on their mini dates and then when the time is up they move on the next one.

4. Within a certain period of time the daters should meet with all their matches.

5. Daters are not allowed to exchange any contact information while dating.

6. After all mini dates are completed the participants let their speed dating company who they’ve chosen.

7. If there is a match the company provides the couple with the contact information of their would-be partners.

However, the industry of speed dating is undergoing some changes. For example, nowadays there is a tendency to shorten the time of mini dates, as speed dating companies have been receiving numerous complaints from their clients. The daters were not satisfied with 10 minutes dates which seemed to be too long, especially if they had nothing to talk about with their partners. So, the time limits of meetings have been curtailed from 10 to 5 minutes.

Now let's observe all the changes which speed dating is undergoing these days.

Client-Oriented Policy – most speed dating companies will offer you to fill in a registration form before taking part in a dating game. These forms are aimed at revealing your interests, hobbies and partner requirements as well as the type of your personality. Nowadays the forms contain much more person-oriented questions in order to select really compatible partners for your mini dates. Moreover, speed dating programs have become more specialized these days. So, today you have an opportunity to choose among numerous dating events according to your interests, age, religion etc.

More Places for Dating – of course, traditional speed dating events still take place in cafes or bars, but today the companies, providing their clients with dating services, have decided to go out of the restaurant limits. Therefore, today’s daters may meet their one and only in bowling alleys, foreign language courses or even in a special kitchen where they’ll have fun while cooking something together. Speed Dating Advantages:  It goes without saying that the main speed dating plus is eye contact. No matter how many messages or letters you’ve written to your would-be partner or how many hours you’ve spent talking on the phone – it’s always much better to be able to meet with someone in person rather than to imagine how it could be.

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