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Meetville Travel: The Best LGBT-Friendly Destinations Around the World

“Travel lovers looking for LGBT-friendly destinations rejoice! Meetville has collected the best places for you”
By Eleanor Dyer May 27, 2021

Meetville Travel: The Best LGBT-Friendly Destinations Around the World

“Travel lovers looking for LGBT-friendly destinations rejoice! Meetville has collected the best places for you”
By Eleanor Dyer May 27, 2021

Travel lovers looking for LGBT-friendly destinations rejoice! Meetville has collected the best places for you to enjoy your travel! Whether it is a romantic journey or just a short trip to visit LGBT events, you can now choose any and enjoy!

We want to help you decide where you're going for your next vacation ;) So let's see what we've got for you here:

1. Copenhagen - Denmark

Did you know that Denmark is a host country to WorldPride in 2021? Copenhagen’s reputation as an LGBTQ+ destination continues to grow every day! By the way, Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex partnerships in 1989 and was the first country in the world to no longer perceive that being transgender as a mental disease. Copenhagen is also a homeland to one of Europe’s oldest gay bars, which dates back to 1917 before it became an openly gay bar in the 1950s.

2. Tel-Aviv - Israel

Israel is one of the most tolerant places in the Middle East for LGBTQ+ people. It is well known as a welcoming gay-friendly destination, and especially its party center Tel Aviv, the country’s second city after Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is famous for its queer nightlife and even its government organizes and hosts internationally-known Pride celebrations. You can see same-sex couples there holding hands openly and there are lots of queer gyms, beaches, bars, restaurants, and parties. Interesting fact: although the number shows that nearly 10% of the worldwide population are LGBTQ+, this figure is closer to 25% in this remarkable hotspot.

3. Berlin - Germany

Photo credit: Dave Martin (mountainleon.com)

We hope you know that Berlin has an extensive LGBTQ+ history. By the way, it is the homeland of the world’s first Institute of Sexual Research, which was opened in 1918 by an ally for minority groups such as the queer community – and was subsequently burnt down by the Nazis in 1933. The city even has a Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism. Now the city prides itself on its explicitly queer culture. Schöneberg, in the southwest of the city, has long been the center of LGBT life and culture; today it’s notable for its leather scene.

4. Lesbos - Greece

Everyone knows that Lesbos island is the birthplace of Sappho, the Greek poet who wrote about same-sex love and passion. Lesbos is located near Turkey and its name is the origin for the etymological basis for the word “lesbian”. Queer women have long migrated here, and it hosts the annual Eressos International Women’s Festival – a two-week fiesta that celebrates women who love women – since 2000.

5. Toronto - Canada

Toronto is home to an active and energetic gay village characterized by various gay-owned bars, clubs, and businesses that sit around Church and Wellesley. Toronto is pretty amazing, not only has it been named the most diverse and multicultural city in the world but it also boasts the title of the safest large metropolitan area in North America.

6. Mexico City - Mexico

Same-sex marriage has been allowed here since 2009, and the gay pride parade, which takes place annually in Mexico City at the end of June, attracts up to a million guests. The figure just looks incredible - the Mexican capital is the third-largest metropolitan area in the world, home to more than 21 million people. The local gay community considers the Zona Rosa area, where the LGBT entertainment industry is concentrated, to be its center. Seething, cheerful, democratic - this is how gay tourists describe Zona Rosa. With security here, contrary to popular belief, things are even better than in some major cities in the United States.

7. Barcelona - Spain

Barcelona is a traditional destination for gay summer tourism, best known for its sandy gay beaches, located just 20 minutes from the city. The most famous of them are Nova Icaria, San Sebastià, and Barceloneta, as well as the nudist beach of Mar Bella. In Barcelona itself, the gay scene is concentrated in the Gayxample district. By the way, from September 16 to 18, the Catalan capital usually hosts international LGBT sports competitions in swimming, volleyball, basketball, football, and squash.

8. Tokyo - Japan

In the ranking of gay-friendly cities, Tokyo boasts Shinjuku and Ni-chōme - areas with the highest concentration of gay establishments in the world - there are more than 300 of them: bars, restaurants, saunas (they are called hattenba), nightclubs, massage parlors, hotels, etc. The main cultural event in gay life in Tokyo, in addition to the parade, is the Rainbow Reel Tokyo Film Festival (Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival), which takes place in July. However, outside these areas, the traditionally restrained Japanese culture dominates and the outward manifestation of belonging to the gay community is not welcome.

Wherever you travel, you have to enjoy the trip. There are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people all over the world. So when you feel safe to travel, you are happy to talk about your sexuality, about who you are, with both foreigners and other travelers.

If you still don't have a travel partner, Meetville is always ready to help! It is a great place to meet local singles. Register today, go on a date tomorrow, and travel!

We hope you found the best destination for your next vacation in 2021. Waiting for your feedback in the comments!

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