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How to Survive Christmas Holidays when You Are Single

“Christmas is the time when you spend most of your days with your loved ones.”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

How to Survive Christmas Holidays when You Are Single

“Christmas is the time when you spend most of your days with your loved ones.”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

Christmas is the time when you spend most of your days with your loved ones. The endless stream of romantic comedies, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a warm blanket - Christmas is the perfect time to share all your favorite things with people you love.

But what if you are single this Christmas and no one can share this magical time with you? At first, you might think it's going to be the worst time of your life. But don't worry! Here we got the best tips on how to survive these Christmas holidays and prove that this single time can actually be great.

Fewer reflections, more pleasure

Of course, sometimes we can find ourselves alone on New Year's eve, and the reasons for that may not be very happy. However, psychologists say that if you cannot change the situation, don't get upset about it and drive yourself crazy. You are not the one to blame, so you should not accuse yourself.

Our best New Year's advice for singles is to learn to let go and not worry. Thus you will not spoil your holidays and will enter 2021 as a genuinely new person.

Start the new year from scratch

The beginning of the next calendar year is not only new work plans, quarterly reports, exams, and a new number in your age, but also a reason to start life anew. Before the New Year starts, you can list what was right and what was wrong in the past year for you. Or here's another idea for the list: what would you like to keep, what to give up and what to get new. Over the next 12 months, these checklists will help you motivate yourself and set goals for the entire year.

Celebrating the New Year alone is an excellent opportunity to define your goals and objectives for the coming 365 days. Just imagine: no one will distract you, and you can devote the holiday only to yourself!

Time for yourself 

If to talk about more specific ideas for celebrating the New Year alone, then the most obvious is to devote December 31 and January 1 to yourself. Pamper yourself in a way you can't afford on regular days.

Have some massage (yes, they are open on December 31st even!), take a sea salt bath, get a face mask, or head to the gym. The latter will be very relevant if you plan to stuff yourself all the holidays.

At last, you can lie under a blanket with your cats and watch the best New Year and Christmas movies. For example, we recommend to rewatch (or watch for the first time) the following movies:

      • "Home Alone" - feel like a child and watch the adventures of little Kevin;

      • "Love Actually" - a British movie with a real celebrity cast and many good stories inside;

      • "While You Were Sleeping" - a great Christmas must-watch with a charming performance from Sandra Bullock.

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What else to do on New Year's Eve?

Everything seems to be done: you dedicated a day to yourself, gave up sadness, cooked your favorite dish, made a list of plans and ideas for 2021. What else?

Of course, you need to decorate everything for a holiday! Even if you are not at home, but at work or in a hotel, it is worth creating a festive mood in the room. Buy several garlands, hang them on a Christmas tree, or just take a couple of Christmas tree branches - you can buy them at the market, or sometimes you can take them for free.

So you will be surrounded by a unique atmosphere of this day, which, of course, will lift your spirits. After, watch your favorite movies or shows on TV, call friends, congratulate them, and send kind words to each other on social networks and messengers.

After all, even if you have to celebrate the New Year alone, remember: there is nothing wrong with that, and it is not essential if your loved one spends one night with you. Instead, make sure this person spends with you the next 12 months! Sign up to Meetville and find such a person easily! 

Happy holidays!

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