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Everything You Should Know About Dating with Koreans

“Korean singles are not the people we are used to date. They have their own”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2020

Everything You Should Know About Dating with Koreans

“Korean singles are not the people we are used to date. They have their own”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2020

Korean singles are not the people we are used to date. They have their own traditions and customs, and if you have never heard about the White and Black days, apps for counting the duration of relationships, bouquets made of chupa-chups as a sign of love and black noodles as a sign of sadness, then you definitely have to read our article. 

Here is a short guide about everything you should know when dating with Koreans:

1. A special person organizes dates

Koreans study hard and believe that education is more important than romantic relationships. In Korea, there are many schools where education for boys and girls is separate, so pretty often youngsters have little experience in communicating with the opposite sex. If they want to go on a date, they ask for the help of a friend who organizes it, thus playing the role of matchmaker for his friends and acquaintances.

Korean students usually have 3 by 3 or 5 by 5 dates. Even universities have lounges where the organizers of such meetings pick up those who want to meet, for example, three guys from one faculty and three girls from another. Usually, they gather in a bar and play alcohol games, and then, if someone likes each other, they exchange numbers.

2. Koreans have a considerable number of holidays for people in love

They do celebrate Valentine's Day, of course. But along with this tradition, the Koreans brought something of their own into it: on this day, they give chocolate to their beloved, and only girls do it.

March 14 is the White Day. It came from Japan, where a confectionery company introduced the tradition of thanking girls for their chocolate with white marshmallows. Nowadays, it is common to give a wide variety of presents and sweets to the loved ones. On this day, men must strictly follow the "rule of three": give a gift that is three times more expensive than what the girl gave him. 

But that's not all. There is a Yellow Day as well, May 14. Everyone dresses in yellow and gives flowers to each other (yes, both girls and boys). June 14 is the Day of Kissing: it is considered perfect for confessing your feelings and having a new relationship on this day. On Silver Day, July 14, it is common to exchange silver rings as a symbol of long relationships and marriage plans. And December 14 is the Hug Day! See how many special days for people in love they have?

3. The Black day - a holiday for singles

The Black day is an unofficial holiday for people who do not have a couple. On April 14, those who did not receive congratulations in February and March, dress in black and go to a local restaurant, where they order jajangmyeon - noodles with black sauce. On this day, they often organize quick dates or contests like eating jajangmyeon, and many singles gather in bars or cafes, so some of them even find their love on this day.

4. It is common to count the days that the couple spent together

For Koreans, it is common to clarify whether you are actually dating or not. Korean girls calculate how many days have passed since the official start of the relationship. It is common to celebrate every 100 days from the first date, plus regular anniversaries. 

In order to avoid the situation when one of the two forgets about the anniversary, they have a particular application on their smartphones to count the days of relationships. Both can use these applications: people chat in them, store common photos, and mark memorable events on the calendar.

5. Couples dress in couple looks

Couples often wear the same or similar clothes and buy the same things. In general, they are trying to show that they are a couple in every possible way. Therefore, the stores have a huge variety of things for two: from t-shirts to phone cases. And of course, everyone wears the main symbol of Korean lovers - couple rings, which they exchange for 100 days of their relationships.


To summarize, we should say that dating Koreans is very exciting! They are very caring and know how to please their partner. Make sure the person you met will never let you celebrate the Black day! Only White, Yellow, and Silver days, of course. 

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