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Dating Horoscope for September

“Stars know more about your dating life than you think! Wanna know what kind of”
By Alex Glover September 4, 2019

Dating Horoscope for September

“Stars know more about your dating life than you think! Wanna know what kind of”
By Alex Glover September 4, 2019

Stars know more about your dating life than you think! Wanna know what kind of changes await you in your dating life? Here’s your personal dating horoscope for September.


dating horoscope

The sun-Mars conjunction on September 2 encourages you to get out and finally find yourself a date. The more active you are the better. Go out with a person who can appreciate your uplifting mood. Don't settle for a simple "movie and restaurant" plan. You are up for something crazy, so don't be ashamed to tell your crush about your wishes.

You keep busy during the Mercury-Saturn square on September 22, but are you actually busy or just trying to avoid an issue in your love life? Putting it off won’t make it go away. Get your stuff together and just deal with it.


dating horoscope

Do you know what do you really want? It's time for you to set the goals and decide what are you really looking for in a relationship.

A Mars-Saturn trine on September 9 sees you put effort toward reaching set goals, so what is it you want to accomplish? Think of the future one year or five years down the road and what you’d like to have accomplished by then. Then get to work on it ASAP.

Romantic Venus pairs up with balanced Libra on September 14, bringing beauty into focus. You tend to choose dates who are attractive with good manners. Maybe you need to focus on other things to find the right person.


dating horoscope

There are a lot of various possibilities coming from the energy of the Mercury-Uranus trine on September 1. Chance encounters with interesting new people are exciting! You have your perfect type and it's great but sometimes you have to look deeper into a person to see if he/she is right for you.

The Venus-Saturn square on September 25 reveals love’s more difficult side, but there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you’re willing to work for it. Besides, most things worth having aren’t easily obtained.


dating horoscope

Aren’t feeling quite yourself during the sun-Neptune opposition on September 10? If a lot of things are confusing or blurry, wait until another time to make romantic decisions. If you make a mistake now, it could have big consequences on your future relationships.

You see yourself through someone else’s eyes more easily when the Sun enters Libra on the twenty-third, and you might be surprised by what is revealed. If you have regrets about how you treated someone, express them now. It could lead to new discoveries in your love life next month.


dating horoscope

The Mercury-Uranus trine on September 1st encourages you to speak up and you want to make sure that people will actually hear what you are saying.

The Mars-Pluto trine arrives on September 19, giving you a chance to tackle romantic challenges with a more cooperative approach. You’re very deep into your thoughts and feelings now, so you probably won’t feel like acting right away. Though, it's a good chance to start something new. Just don't rush things between you and it will lead your relationship to success.


dating horoscope

The Mercury-Uranus trine on September 1st will provide you with a great boost of energy and some unusual feelings. Maybe it's time to fall in love? You will see.

There’s a difficult Mercury-Pluto square on September 26 that could cause you to go back over the details of a past relationship, but obsessing over them isn’t healthy. Try not to think about it too much, Virgo. It is what it is.


dating horoscope

A big romance is coming, Libra. Though everything in life should be balanced, that's why you won't find your love easily. A lot of misunderstandings are going to happen and you'll have to be ready to explain yourself.

The sun starts its monthlong journey through your balanced sign on September 23, so you’ll be happy dating people who have a laid-back style. Look for someone who is just as happy doing nothing as they are at a black-tie function.


dating horoscope

Your ruler Mars forms sun conjunction in Virgo on September 2, putting you firmly in control of a romantic situation, which is just where you like to be! Now that you’re calling the shots, your confidence increases.

The Libra new moon on September 28 provides good, harmonious energy that can help you smooth things over with an ex. Now that you’re in the mood to forgive and forget, it might be a lot easier to get the closure you’ve been searching for.


dating horoscope

The Venus-Jupiter square on September 2 reminds you that balance is the key to happiness. You can be a hard worker, but it’s important to balance that out with plenty of fun. Being in love or dating should be a great escape from your problems, Libra. So if you still don't have anyone special in mind, maybe it's time to start looking for this person.

Embarrassing moments seem magnified under the Jupiter-Neptune square on the twenty-first, and how you handle an awkward situation makes all the difference. If you can find a way to laugh at yourself, you should be able to save face.


dating horoscope

Have you been following the same dating routine for a while? If you’d like to mix things up, the energy from the Mercury-Uranus trine at the beginning of September is helpful for doing just that.

Your logical side is dominant during the Mercury-Saturn square on the twenty-second, which could make you appear coldhearted and/or distant. Nothing could be further from the truth when you’re with someone you’re attracted to, but they have no way of knowing that.


dating horoscope

You don’t always care about how someone looks, but making a mental connection is important to you, especially during the Venus-Saturn trine on September 1. Keep doing that! It's the best way for you to find someone really special. Visit places where smart people like you hang out for your best chance at meeting people you can connect with!

When Mercury enters Libra on September 14, you will be more confused with your dating life than usual. Try to set the right goals and follow them if you want to stay on your romantic track.


dating horoscope

The Venus-Neptune opposition on September 4 can cause romantic misunderstandings of the worst kind. You hate embarrassing situations, but there might not be any cool way to get yourself out of a dating jam. Good luck, Pisces!

When the sun starts its trip through Libra on September 23, you find new priorities in dating. You are still looking for a soulmate but now you feel that their looks are no less important. It's good that you know what you want but maybe your requirements for a future partner are too high.

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