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American Men Guide: The Guys You've Probably Dated

“It isn't easy to give one definition for American men. They are really very different,”
By Alex Glover September 9, 2020
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American Men Guide: The Guys You've Probably Dated

“It isn't easy to give one definition for American men. They are really very different,”
By Alex Glover September 9, 2020

It isn't easy to give one definition for American men. They are really very different, like all those nationalities that are intertwined in them. The only way to classify them is by American registration. Residents of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, or other cities are as different as the climatic conditions of these places. So let's get down to a short guide on American men!

New York - the city of freedom

It is just as easy to find a partner in NY as it is to lose them. The local guys are undoubtedly handsome but very focused on career, success, paying for an apartment, parties, gyms, and other delights of bachelor life. A one-night stand is the standard format for local love. As for the girls, beautiful, slim, and smart, they all complain about the reluctance of New York men not only to marry after several years of relationships but even to share the same apartment.

The desire to preserve their space is a big problem of local men, that is why most of them love to have an open relationship: you seem to be together, but you can easily allow yourself something more than flirt with any guy you like without any remorse. What has to be mentioned is that you should be prepared for the fact that 70% of local guys will disappear after the first date, kiss or sex. New York is a city of freedom, and everyone here is afraid of losing it.

Los Angeles

LA is a city of successful gentlemen, young IT guys, and surfers. The first ones inspire optimism and faith in the bright future of the 50+ age category. Adult men in California - this is when you can add 15 years to your guess how old this handsome athlete is. They value the natural beauty and charisma in women. They will easily order a helicopter, which will take you to dinner in the desert, will generously give gifts, and will quickly be inclined to live together. Such men are successful businessmen and producers who move here from different cities of America when all the money of the world has already been earned, career races are almost over and the time comes for the simple joys of life.

The second type is IT guys. Very smart and sometimes even brilliant, they work on Amazon or Google (or something like that). Pretty narcissistic and very demanding because of a great mind. Here are the qualities they look for in their future girlfriends:

  • Intelligence (the IQ level should be high, no doubt);
  • Independence (it's the age of equality, girl);
  • Passionate (she should have at least one hobby);
  • With no addictions (parties are unacceptable, any alcohol and tobacco addiction will automatically send you to the blacklist).

California surfers, like any other in the world, are easy to spot by their uncut, tangled burnt hair, bright eyes, and zen. They order a beer or kombucha in bars on the beach and treat girls they like. They spend many hours waiting for waves, wake up at 5, and most often earn little - as instructors or bartenders. But about 30% of them are pretty successful when surfing is not a lifestyle for them, but a hobby.


Guys living in Miami will surprise you with their incredible helpfulness. Sometimes it seems that you are a princess living in the 19th century. "Baby, what about an Italian restaurant today?" "Or maybe sushi?" "Or Thai?" And you should not hesitate to speak out if you didn't like something. To be honest, you should just get used to the fact that you will have to choose. Nobody will tell you what to wear, what to say, and how to behave. These guys do not dominate, or they just don't show that to their women. 

Another trait of Miami guys is their constant desire to talk. Jokes, endless stories about college, friends, work, family, etc. However, sometimes you just want to listen to silence instead of jokes. Still, Miami single men love to be open, communicative and share their emotions with others.


In general, the location of the man you like doesn't influence his behavior a lot. There are more than enough bad and good guys everywhere. What we all want is to meet someone who will share our life values. We hope our guide will help you find love in America. Good luck searching



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