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Abortion: a Broken Family or a Healthier Relationship?

“The recent news about the abortion ban in several US states has shaken the society.”
By Eleanor Dyer June 10, 2021

Abortion: a Broken Family or a Healthier Relationship?

“The recent news about the abortion ban in several US states has shaken the society.”
By Eleanor Dyer June 10, 2021

The recent news about the abortion ban in several US states has shaken the society.

The opinions have divided in two: the ones who claim that by banning abortions they save lives of unborn children and the others, who believe that women's body should never be a political concern. Except for the fact that this new law will deeply influence women's attitude towards children and family planning, it will most definitely have a huge impact on relationships between men and women. So, what can be the outcome of abortion while being in a relationship? Will it break the family or make the relationship only stronger and healthier instead? Let's take a closer look at these two opinions.

The dark side of abortions

There is no denying that abortion is an act of killing an unborn baby. For many religious parents, this fact is critical when deciding whether to save the child or not. And even though the freedom of making this decision is great, a lot of women admit that as the time passed, they actually regretted doing this a lot and would do anything just to have the possibility to turn the time back and have this child.

Another reason why it is so important for the government to make sure that more and more children will be born, is the risk of demographic crisis. And it makes sense. More and more young people prefer working on their career or fulfilling their personal goals instead of building a family. It's only a matter of time when the number of US population will start decreasing significantly. However, is it really a good excuse for such a critical abortion ban?

The bright side of abortions

Let's start with the most important reason why abortions should never be banned: women's health. The men who stand behind this ban have never experienced such critical health problems as 98% of women experience during and after pregnancy. From a hormonal surge to lower breast-cancer risk - pregnancy isn't the best time for women's physical and mental health. Of course, most of the women are okay with these changes and difficulties when the baby they are carrying is loved and wanted. But how a woman should feel if this child is a result of a simple mistake? She would have to experience huge health problems and deal with maternity leave at her job just to give birth and raise a child she never actually wanted.

If it's not enough, let's look at this issue from another perspective. Imagine, there is a young couple with no stable financial support that has just started dating and not planning to start a family any time soon. What do you think will happen when the girl finds out that she is pregnant and has no possibility to change it? Do you actually believe that the child will be happy being raised without love by parents who had never had any intentions of starting a family? Or that this young couple would be able to become financially stable in short terms just to provide this child with a good quality of life?

The situations you've seen above are quite common, though not very popular to talk about. Considering all these facts, it is undeniable that abortion (when made as a thoughtful decision) is not a whim, but a necessity. However, there is still a question of how an abortion may influence a relationship between partners and what kind of changes it will bring to your family.

How an abortion may influence your relationship? 

There is no doubt that when you are in love and building a healthy relationship, having a child will only make your family stronger. Unfortunately, here we will be talking about not such an ideal case.

The first rule of having an abortion while being in a serious relationship is making it a mutual decision. It is undoubtful that women play the main role in carrying a child, however, since you two made a commitment for each other, talking it through with your partner is the only way to save your relationship.

Unfortunately, making such a decision may have its consequences. Theresa shared her "after abortion" experience: "We were sure that not rushing things with children was the right decision, even if it meant getting an abortion. However, just a few days after I did it, I understood that our relationship wouldn't be the same. We never spoke about abortion but I felt the tension between us. We rarely had sex and argued a lot. Two months after, he told me that he wants to get a divorce; but at that point, I wasn't even upset about it. Maybe if I wouldn't get an abortion, we could still be together".

Is it even possible, that having an abortion will make your relationship only healthier and happier? Yes, if it's (again) your mutual decision and you both realize that you are not ready to become parents and take full care of this child. Simona had this kind of positive experience: "My boyfriend and I, we were only 21 when I found out that I was pregnant. It was a hard decision to make but we both agreed that I had to make an abortion. Honestly, it was the best decision I've ever made! I can't even imagine, what would I do at this young age, without a job and with a child to feed. Instead of that, we had the best years of our lives: we traveled a lot, we got married, we had a successful career, and as soon as we felt that we were ready, we had two beautiful baby girls. I believe that abortion is the only right way in a situation like mine and any woman should be able to make her own decision about her own body".

Certainly, the decision of whether to make an abortion or not belongs only to those, who are going to raise this child. So, YOU are the ones to decide!


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