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6 Signs Your Man Really Means “I Love You” When He Says It

“Do you ever look at him and wonder if he really means it when he”
By Alex Glover May 17, 2017

6 Signs Your Man Really Means “I Love You” When He Says It

“Do you ever look at him and wonder if he really means it when he”
By Alex Glover May 17, 2017

Do you ever look at him and wonder if he really means it when he says “I love you”? How can you really tell? The thing is that you more than likely know deep down if you have that true connection with him. Though you probably already know the answer to the depth of his feelings, we all tend to need a bit of reassurance from time to time.

Have no fear, for there are some tell-tale signs which can guide you towards the answer that you are looking for. If you really feel like you’re unsure if his love is true, then here are a few helpful ways to focus in on it and ensure that you know what’s going on for real here.

1. He looks deep into your eyes: He doesn’t just look at you but he looks almost deep into your soul. It’s as if he sees something special that he can’t resist and he wants to focus in on it. The look that you get from him is hard to describe but it’s there and it’s impossible to ignore.

Know that this look speaks volumes and that it’s telling you everything that you need to know. When he can’t take his eyes off of you and he is smitten with you, then that tells you that love is definitely present.

2. He lights up when he sees you: It’s something that you can’t quite put into words though you feel it. He breaks into a huge smile and his whole demeanor changes when he sees you. This is something that you can’t fake and you are not imaging things. When you get that sort of reception then you have to know that it’s something really special—embrace it and know that this means love!

3. He turns to you for support and help: When you are the person that he looks to for support then this means love for him. He needs your respect and support as much as you need love. When he turns to you without question, then something special is beneath the surface for him. Always be there for him, show him support and respect, and he will love you forever.

4. He makes it a point to spend time with you: He doesn’t have to be convinced to spend time with you, he actually wants to. He seeks you out and welcomes plans with you. He would rather spend his spare time with you than anybody else. This means that there is a connection and that he genuinely cares for you and loves you as well.

5. He talks about things in the future: If you have a guy that talks about things in the future, then he’s telling you that he loves you in his own little way. If he talks about future plans or things in a future tense, then you can be sure that he loves you and adores you. Any man that is comfortable enough to discuss future plans is likely in it for keeps and showing his love in his own little way.

6. You have fun together and it’s just natural: You know that you have that connection and it’s not forced at all. You have fun with him and you can tell that the feeling is mutual. He loves being with you and he can truly be himself around you.

When you can see that it’s easy and fun to be together, know that he means it when he says “I love you”. It likely comes naturally because he’s happy with you and therefore he seeks out time with you—that’s a good recipe for lasting happiness!

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