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11 Online Dating Myths Busted!

“In spite of the fact that online dating popularity has boosted dramatically these days, there”
By Alex Glover April 19, 2021
5 Online Dating Myths Busted!

11 Online Dating Myths Busted!

“In spite of the fact that online dating popularity has boosted dramatically these days, there”
By Alex Glover April 19, 2021

In spite of the fact that online dating popularity has boosted dramatically these days, there are still too many people who treat this way of matchmaking as useless or even dangerous. But let’s find out where all these stereotypes are rooted in and take a closer look at the most common online dating myths.

Myth #1: Online dating doesn’t work In accordance with the recent dating statistics, there are about 50 million singles in the US. And about 40 million of them have already tried online matchmaking services. Do you think if online dating didn’t work 40 million people would ever try it? Of course, no one will guarantee you total success on the first offline date with your virtual match. But we are strongly concerned that it’s more than just possible to find your one and only among 40 million users, isn’t it? Thus, don’t say it doesn’t work until you try it.

Myth #2: Almost all online daters lie in their profiles We are not going to claim that they don’t. But who of you haven’t wanted to seem better at least from time to time. Look at your social network profile picture. Didn’t you choose the one where you looked your best? Yes, when it comes to dating we all tend to show our better sides and this is normal either doing it online or offline. Thus, there is no difference between an online dating profile and a verbal portrait of the person you’ve met in a local bar for the first time.

Myth #3: You’d hardly find someone online who really shares your interests Of course, it’s not easy to find a person who’d share all your interests. But why not at least try do it, especially if your occupation is not as exotic as, for example, collecting batman’s underwear? Using up-to-date online dating tools like advanced partners serach you can easily specify all your interests, location, values, etc. And the system will select you people according to your search parameters.

Myth #4: You have to pretend to be somebody that you’re not to really get to the good candidates

There are so many different selection criteria that can really help you to narrow the playing field. You can search by location, by interest, by niche, or just about anything that you can imagine. The success of your online dating experience however comes only when YOU are honest about who you are and what you want. Then you get to the good matches and can create an excellent foundation!

Myth #5: It will cost you a fortune Yes, there are some dating services that are really too expensive. But why concentrate your attention on these sites when there are dozens of matchmaking networks that will provide you with their services at very reasonable prices or even for free? Nowadays you’ve got a rich selection of such websites and can easily find the one that meets all your requirements.

Myth #6: Online dating is a very dangerous thing Remember that as long as you’re cautious while chatting with strangers online, nothing bad will happen. Just don’t give away your personal info like your phone number, home address or the place of work in your profile and don’t share it with newly met people whom you don’t know well.

Myth #7: No lasting relationships come out of this nontraditional type of dating

There are more and more marriages and long-term relationships coming about due to online dating success. This is because this is a more targeted approach than traditional dating. Rather than leaving your chance at love up to chance, you are taking matters into your own hands. You are also talking to people who want the same things as you—and this leads to a great potential for a future together!

Myth #8: Physically attractive people hardly use online dating services It’s absolutely false. Nowadays even extremely attractive men and women willingly use virtual dating services. In our modern life it becomes harder and harder to find free time for offline dating, and here dating websites can really help. Due to them, one doesn’t need to spend a lot of time planning where to go or what to wear – you just switch on your PC or a laptop and enter the world of dating.

Myth #9: Long-distance relationships have no future There is a myth that it’s absolutely impossible to develop long-distance relationships for a certain period of time as without a live visual offline contact they won’t work out. But modern studies in the sphere of online dating show that such relationships are likely to last longer and be stronger than offline ones. There are hundreds of examples of when users find their husbands and wives on the pages of online dating services.

Myth #10: People who visit online dating pages only look for sex This is one of the most common misconceptions connected with the world of online dating. Of course, there are a lot of users who search for a sexual partner. But what about all those people who want to find a soulmate for a long-term relationship or even marriage? What about all those who just need a friend or a partner to discuss a certain topic like politics, health, etc.?

Myth #11:Only young people use online dating services Maybe some time ago this assumption was true. But nowadays not only youngsters have the wherewithal to browse through matchmaking networks. Today you hardly imagine an average middle-aged man or a woman who would be computer illiterate. And according to some sociological data, they apply for the help of online dating services even more often than young people do.

We hope this info has shed some more light on the contradictory topic of online dating and now you have no reasons to ignore it anymore. We wish you good luck in looking for your significant other.


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